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Post by: Amanda Palmer on February 19, 2010, 06:05:36 PM
hey guys. i'm posting this on behalf of cynthia von buhler, the incredible talent behind the evelyn evelyn album artwork and graphic novel. her website is


The odd thing about all of this is that everyone involved in this project find unique people, like the twins, exceedingly beautiful.

I myself have scoliosis.  I've had to endure surgery, braces, intense therapy, and pain due to my condition. Still, if I don't concentrate while walking my feet turn inwards. It was quite apparent as a child.  Many people find this pigeon-toed look endearing and I have come to embrace it. I'm Italian and hairy and have a patch of fur on my lower back. I call it my furry patch and I have embraced that too. While I have lasered off most of my body hair I have decided to leave my furry patch because I would miss it. 

It is our differences which make us unique and beautiful.

I love how Joel Peter Witkin takes photos of disabled people and shows their intense beauty. His work reminds me of the old Roman statues with missing arms.  I myself make paintings and sculptures which look old and decayed. Some are without arms and legs. In fact, one is just legs and a torso.  I don't like it when I go to a museum and see that they have brightened the faded paintings or added limbs to the broken sculptures. I'm drawn to all things unique and different whether it be a person, a painting, a statue, an animal, or architecture.

When I read the graphic novel I had a completely opposite view on all of the hot topics: porn, animal abuse, etc. It made me reflect on all of these issues. I never felt that anyone was being made fun of.  We have been discussing all of this and we want you to know that the very last thing any of us want to do is hurt anyones feelings. These discussions are important. Please read the book when it comes out and I believe that you will see what I mean.

I once made an interactive sculpture about date rape called "Please Don't Look Up My Skirt".  You can see it on my website at I've had many women tell me that they relate to this sculpture even though it makes people uncomfortable. Perhaps some people out there, like me,  will relate to the the twins and their surviving through adversity.  The twins deal with the shitty circumstances given them and don't let it kill their spirit or hope. That is how I have felt my whole life, haven't you?

Evelyn Evelyn. Talent Talent. Beauty Beauty. Love Love.

Love, Cynthia (the Evelyn Evelyn artist)

PS: I recently posted a twitter/facebook post with a youtube link to my favorite conjoined cats and I wrote: "Conjoined twins are beautiful. Conjoined cats: 2 faces to kiss. Yay!" It was re-tweeted and enjoyed by many. Check it out: I don't have a conjoined cat myself (I wish), but I do have a three-legged cat name Balthazar.
Post by: The Angel Raliel on February 21, 2010, 03:51:48 AM
really looking forward to the Graphic Novel..... much love to all involved....
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(Photo by Scott Irvine)

Very nice picture!  O0

I think It's Jason guitar...
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Tres sexy.