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Title: Ours' new CD - Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 14, 2008, 02:13:02 AM
Here's a blog entry I wrote for my live journal about Ours' new cd. I know there are loads of Ours fans on this board, and my screen name on the 'old box was actually "Ours". When I met Amanda at the Virgin Records instore in NY in 2006 I was wearing an Ours shirt that I got with the logo (look at my last fm signature here) and said something dorky along the lines of "I'm 'Ours' on the Shadowbox... I wore a Dresden Dolls shirt to the Ours show yesterday." Anyway, this CD has been in the works since 2003, Ours' last CD came out in 2002. The band's line up has changed, they've played these songs live over the years and have since left Dream Works Records (as it no longer exists) and signed to American Recordings with Rick Rubin under Columbia/Sony. The CD was supposed to be released March 18th and then got pushed back to April 1st and then rumored to be April 29th, but is now officially released April 15th. Ours' first CD, Distorted Lullabies, I credit for getting me through a very very very difficult time in my life during my teenager years, I don't want to go into details but it basically saved my life and got me through a dark place. Here is what I wrote about my first listen of Mercy... Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary enemy - the CD leaked a month ago and I refrained from listening to it (even though I have heard most of the songs over the years as the band has a 3 song promo for Mercy and released a bunch of songs on their myspace, through music videos, radio premiers etc).

All week I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of WHRW's advance copy of Mercy, the new Ours CD. I checked mail with Jeri vigorously, to no avail. Well, it ends up that Jeri must have opened an envelope with it and other stuff and didn't realize because during our radio show today she was sorting new music and while I was at the control board I heard her gasp. Curious, I looked over to her and she held up something very familiar to me - the three-headed cheerleader album art of Mercy! I hyperventilated, I almost choked, I was taken aback with excitement and joy. I pre-ordered the CD from amazon, it's coming out on Tuesday but I've been waiting since 2002 for this CD, nearly 6 years and the release date kept getting pushed back and delayed. It seemed like this CD was never going to be released.

This moment of happiness is captured on air, I had just enough time to play one more song on our show and I chose to play "Saint", which used to be called "Saint Down The Hall" and was written about Jeff Buckley, it's an old song that was recently re-worked.

I took the CD into WHRW's office, put it in the CD player, turned the volume up, read the lyrics and listened to the first 7 tracks. I was near tears by the second song, it was overwhelming and very emotional - just as I had imagined it would be. I refused to listen to the leak - which leaked over a month ago. I had anticipated this exact moment, I knew I'd listen in the radio station (good speakers, and I hoped and expected WHRW to get a copy), I wanted to wait for the lyric book, I wanted it to be a spiritual thing because I knew this CD had the potential, that it met up with all expectations that I had for it based on what I've already heard from it.

I'm speechless, it truly is a beautiful work of art, a brilliant masterpiece. The wait was worth it, if this CD was to be released a second sooner than Tuesday it would be incomplete. I cannot describe how wonderful this CD is, ESPECIALLY in terms of the present day music scene - not just that most bands/musicians release crap, but even quality records are not on par with this album. Trust me on this.

This is the advanced copy, and it's very probable that the actual CD is different in packaging or whatever, but for the most part, I don't really expect it to be. I cannot wait to have my copy arrive and I am so glad I was able to listen to this CD and have this experience now, because I'm going to be swamped with work and such during the week - especially on Tuesday.

The band that made Distorted Lullabies and Precious (even though essentially it's Jimmy Gnecco) is not the same band that made Mercy... Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary enemy. This band is my favorite band of all time, not just because they are pure talent live and on recorded CD, but because their music holds a special place in my heart for having been there when my parents weren't, by being a friend when I needed one, and by saving my life and sanity when I thought nothing could.

Ours has been playing these songs live for years and usually their live versions are better than their recorded versions - just because of the pure talent Jimmy and the band has. Well, I was curious, skeptical even, how this CD would turn out because it's strange being in the opposite position - having heard the songs live before hearing them recorded. This CD is produced by Rick Rubin (and co-produced by Jimmy Gnecco), so really, I don't think there could have been a better match.

To sum up this experience - Holy shit. I love how this band, this music, appears in my life when I really need it to the most. If this record does not take them far, then I honestly don't know what will because the band has never sounded so strong, so seasoned and professional as it does now. Even if you don't like the man, you have to respect this music. Plus his children have credits - his daughter Zoe sings on part of a song and his son James Gnecco IV (hehe Jimmy's III) contributed a picture or something for the album booklet.

There a few songs here that are old - Saint, Mercy (originally was called "Ours", a song that was on their 1992 demo, but then re-worked), God Only Wants You... and even Ran Away To Tell The World... Of course there are little things I would have wanted or changed with the individual songs as I heard them each one by one, but as a CD they flow into each other perfectly - exactly what I was hoping for.
Title: Re: Ours' new CD - Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 15, 2008, 09:33:25 AM
Today's the day!

Title: Re: Ours' new CD - Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)
Post by: T K on April 19, 2008, 07:46:25 PM
This CD kick ass!!!

I'm a rebeliever(even if thats not a word)

I bought it Thursday and it just now left my car player to be ripped in to the compy.

Hopefully they'll play the Norva again or Richmond sometime soonish.
Title: Re: Ours' new CD - Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)
Post by: redstar on May 03, 2008, 04:04:53 PM
How would you rate this compared to the other records, I love Distorted Lullabies, but they lost me a bit with precious, the tunes I've heard so far sound pretty good.

Has anyone else heard the songs Jimmy Gnecco did with Neverending White Lights? If you are an Ours fan you'd probably dig them. I dig them.