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Title: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 10, 2009, 10:40:57 PM
So Amanda has held a few rounds of Q&A on twitter, often she shares some exclusive or intriguing information and it's really interesting to read (especially because it's essentially an interview conducted by fans). I thought instead of letting these awesome bits of info and fan interaction slip into the twitter oblivion to be lost forever, that I thought I'd collect each round and post them here for those who missed it to catch up on and to just archive.

You can follow Amanda on twitter here:

Here's how it'll work :

I'll copy the person's question and bold it. I will then put Amanda's reply below since it is an @reply it is within her answer that you will see the twitter screen name of the person who asked the question (this is sort of a reversal from traditional interviews, but it saves me time). Sometimes Amanda will continue a reply to a question or post a tweet that is relevant - for those I will distinguish with "Amanda says:" - post the tweet - then link the tweet

Since every twitter profile that asks a question is public (@amandapalmer won't see your @ replies if you ask a question and your twitter is locked [if she isn't following you]) I will leave the twitter screen names - plus it's a nice way to credit the 'interviewer' ;)

I will NOT edit the content of ANY of these tweets. I have removed the "@amandapalmer" from the beginning of each question because it is redundant and has no purpose in the transcript. The only edits I will do are for info - ie: when twitter cuts off a link with ellipses, I will type in the full link. Or when Amanda tweets over 140 characters and it ends the tweet with an ellipses, I will enter the full text of that tweet.

Since she does several rounds, I will leave this first post to just contain info.  I will update this thread (if my personal time permits) with each new twitter Q&A as it seems to be a regular thing Amanda is doing, and edit this post below each time this thread is updated with a new transcript.

So far ALL of the twitter Q&As have been transcribed in this thread.

LAST TWITTER Q&A session: Monday, December 6, 2010
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 10, 2009, 10:41:03 PM
FRIDAY APRIL 10, 2009 - Spontaneous @amandapalmer twitter Q&A

Amanda says:
well enough to plug into the world. i have decided twittering is good for sick people. i am going to go on a minor twitter binge. right now.

will you answer questions?
@jinx81558 that IS a question. but sure i'll answer questions. why the fuck not. i'm sick in bed. hit me.

what is your favorite type of tea?
@kristinwrites green tea, preferably with some kind of complication, like weirs aloe or flowers added. i also dig mint

Amanda says:
holy hell. ok. retweet this: @amandapalmer is now doing a classic twitter Q&A until the time she takes her next flu-nap. she's lonely. word.

Amanda says:
also, if you don't want to get 16371263 updates from me in the next hour, turn me off here:

what's your favorite quote of all time? - your twittering fan from boston :o)
@quotablee one of my favorites of all time is "you do not see things as they are, you see them as you are"

what's the background desktop image on your beloved Mac?
@WHRWpenguins right now my desktop background is a self-portrait from the upcoming neil gaiman book. hang on, i'll twitpic it.

Amanda says: - here you go. this might be slightly different from the one that made it into the book...same shoot. self-timer. paris

listening to a podcast this morning i wondered: what are your (afp's) thoughts on the death penalty?
@indecisean ....not for it. have wondered deeply. used to think death was more humane than life in prison, & think it should be an option.

saw a show in SD a few years ago where you had a FANTASTIC cellist. random happening or does she show up more often?
@Jeters that's @zoecello, and she's amazing, her twitter is EPIC. tell her hi. she'll also be playing with me at coachella next week.

Who's your favorite and/or most enjoyable person you follow on Twitter? Currently you are MINE. Thanks for the interaction.
@UninTY recommended people to follow:lately i find myself really enjoying @margaretcho and @trent_reznor

What's your favorite piece of classical music?
@amandawhite big fan of the bach solo cello suites and the sonatas and partitas for solo violin. i'm a single-instrument classical chick.

how much do you weigh? i'm guessing 125 :)
@rainfallrelapse you guessed low, honey. i currently weigh in at about 135. i waver around there give or take 5 pounds. i'm TONED.

What about symphonies and such?
@friedenberg mahler's 5th.

Is there anything we as fans can do in support of your efforts to be released from roadrunner?
@Estrella_Mar yes. if you want to support me in my fight against the label, JOIN THE MALING LIST and stay tuned.

r u coming to NYC anytime soon? when u recover from illin of course. Much love to u. You inspire me to contin breathing.
@hig1278 i'll actually be in NYC on june 5th for the pride festival. come! highline ballroom.

Who is your favourite doctor on Doctor Who? Related: Do you watch Torchwood?
@PixelTreason so far i have a MASSIVE crush on david tennant. would do him in a second.

I'd like to send you a care package. Where should I send it/who should I email for an address to send it to?
@dockhorn my mailing address is at beth goes through stuff & mails things to me at home or on the road.

Can you tell us a little bit about the photographers who's photos made it into the book? <----photographer :)
@Bobbiella the book includes a shitload of photographers but the majority of the pix were taken by kyle cassidy, @bethofalltrades and MOI.

weird question: what is an average day for you in boston like?
@rainfallrelapse that's not weird. wake. yoga. lunch. email. dinner. email. sometimes do press. nowadays, go to high school for rehearsal.

ask him if he's willing. here's his facebook if you don't already have it:
@wordsmith451 hmm. maybe you can simply start a public petition for people who support the idea of AFP banging david tennant.

What -is- the procedure to FREE you from RLabel? Is it monetary? Change of guards? What would get them to do it? TwitterPower?
@guilty_ my contract is up for option in june. they'll either drop me or not. if not, THEN we will use the power of the internet for good.

the book we are getting if we pre-ordered the album is the one with the death photos right? Separate sheet music book?
@AndreaMajeski correct. the sheet music book is totally separate from the Neil Gaiman book.

wow q and a! Do you ever buy your own records in shops?
@PhilipBurley i have been known to do that when desperate. usually when i want to give one as a gift and ain't got anything on me.

check out brahms cello sonatas. e-minor ftw.
@mikacooper listening right now, thanks 4 link. PRETTY, excellent q&a soundtrack. (brahms cello sonatas. e-minor ftw.

any plans for you birthday?
@CourtneyFG my birthday will be spent at rehearsal at LHS for most of the day, then a late dinner with a few of my beloveds.

Amanda says:

Okay, figured out a question. Ever been in a really stressful or tense recording situation? Where no one seems to get along?
@thegreensparrow um....the entire first dresden dolls record was like giving birth with no painkillers. both our faults, we've mellowed.

what kind of drugs did you experiment whth in high school? too personal? :)
@rainfallrelapse too personal? for AFP? i was a massive stoner, and tripped carefully and religiously. then gave up most drugs in college.

thing you miss most about home when you're on tour?
@nobodylkl the thngs i miss most about home when on tour? a room that is mine and a door to close.

who are your favorite authors?
@ejwasson favorite authors? some are listed up on myspace, but...hermann hesse. milan kundera. seung sahn. john irving.

Having nigtmares about not getting WKAP book preorder in time. Help!
@amythecat do not have nightmares. your book will arrive in a magical way. if you haven't read the FAQ, you should....will link in a sec.

Also: Psyched for the NG book, but any word on the ETA for the digital album of alternate tracks?
@krisis you never got the FAQ? you should email:, subject "DOWNLOAD/SEAN HELP"

Amanda says:
so many questions about the album pre-order and the digital demo tracks: all is answered HERE:

have you talked to Brian recently? Any updates/new info on the Dresden Dolls' indefinite hiatus?
@WHRWpenguins brian and i talk every couple weeks. he's happy as a clam in NYC playing in inferno. no solid dates set yet.

Any idea when you'll be in Seattle next? Your last show here was the best show I've seen in a long time.
@supdegrave actually YES, it's not confirmed, but mark july 3rd in your calendar for an AFP seattle appearance at a jason webley show.

What's your favorite Ben Fold's song?
@madman885 favorite ben folds song: song for the dumped. for sure.

Amanda says:
ok, folks. i am releasing my mouth from the Q&A twitter tit of love. nap. you are awesome. sorry i couldn't get to all the questions. xxxAFP
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Amanda Palmer on April 11, 2009, 12:01:07 AM

thank you for doing this, hayley....
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 03:56:42 AM
This is what Spring Break is for, right? Twitter archiving ;)

I will go as far back as I can to archive the older Q&A's, however the ones that were done in the van w/ the blackberry are sort of... fruitless to trace since twitterberry doesn't show you which specific tweet (or in this case question) you are replying too. Since it was last month, going to someone's page to read it means we may have to go too far back to actually find it (depending how many tweets they've posted in the last month).

Here's another Q&A, this one is from the Tiger Tour

THURSDAY MARCH 26, 2009 - Bored in van @amandapalmer twitter Q&A

Amanda says:
retweet this : @amandapalmer be doing a bored-in-the-fucking-van q&a, start in 30 min, lasts til posse hits st. petersburg. send questions.

Amanda says:
too long? retweet @amandapalmer will be doing a live bored-in-the-van q&a starting in 20 minutes.

I'm twitter retarded... does one send questions right here?
@kelleykakes yes, just send the questions as replies right here. you are not retarded. you are beautiful.

Amanda says:
for those of you not into getting 24,656 twitters from me in the next hour: use

for the q&a: what is the one song you've written that you feel is most misinterpreted (as far as meaning)?

@untgirl77 coin-operated boy. so many people think it's about dildos. it's not about dildos. it's about loneliness. so sadly misinterpreted.

Experience any backlash about "Oasis" from Palmer/Dresden fans who actually LIKED Sarah Palin?
@ptgrw i don't think there was a single word of backlash. the dolls/AFP fans apparently have no crossover whatsover with sarah palin.

What would your ideal fan say/look like/do ?
@Skull_Duggery there is no such thing as an ideal fan. that's like asking someone what their ideal band would be like. can you possibly?

What's the nicest or sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?

@Skull_Duggery must say..justin's treatment of the posse last night was pretty above and beyond. HE RENTED A COTTAGE and there were pancakes

Did you ever meet Jeff Mangum?
@shutitoff no, i haven't...but i think he's one of the most inspired songwriters and performers of our generation...quietly.

When will you be in NYC again? Anytime soonish?
@Skull_Duggery yes, i just confirmed a show for NYC in early june right around pride time. will announce details soon.

I would really like to know who made/where you got your corset that you've been wearing on tour.
@vo0do0chile i've been wearing two. the silver one is made by a teeny company, delicious & the gold/black one is made by dark garden in SF.

Are there any instruments you wish you could play that you don't?
@KaraEEvans yes. i'd love to learn how to play the guitar. mostly so i could write on the road and be able to play off-the-cuff unamplified.

hello dear. Is there anyone other than tony hawk that youve been surprised to learn supports your music career?
@againtoday funny you should ask. i recently found out that wil wheaton (@wilw) was a fan. also just got an fanmail from otep. how awesome.

ever been creeped out byt he love, attention, obsession youcan get from fans ? by their need for mutual attention ? even a bit
@Idrils you know? i don't. i think it's something about my personality, but i just never stop loving the love. not even for a second. ever.

also, is 'Coin-operated Boy' basically 'Lover I Don't Have to Love?' I think the message is the same.
@shutitoff yeah. "coin-op" is pretty much the AFP version of "lover i don't have to love". someone should do a mash-up. i <3 bright eyes.

if you were to tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be? xx
@shleebeans i would tell her not to change a thing and that everything will work out fine. if i wasn't who i was, i wouldn't be who i am.

Saw you perform a cover of 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' a while back. If you could be a RHPS character, who would you be?
@visualmadness OMG....brian & i used to talk about doing an off-broadway run of rocky horror. he would be frank (obvi), i would be columbia.

and also, how does your boyfriend feel about that, if it is the same and nobody can get close ever?
@shutitoff not being able to let anybody close comes and goes. we've all felt it, haven't we?, at one time or another. songs=hyperbole.

Nice! I could totally imagine @neilhimself as Riff Raff as well - that'd be hilarious and awesome at the same time :D
@visualmadness word, @neilhimself as riff raff ftw.

which band(s) would you love to hear cover one of your songs?
@_flaw_ i would love to hear radiohead cover have to drive.

Favourite musicals? Phantom of the Opera is awesome to see live. Boy from Oz with Hugh Jackman is surprisingly fantastic.
@mitrepeak i officially like four: west side story, hair, jc superstar, evita. my childhood weakness for cats and phantom notwithstanding.

Amanda says:
....and a chorus line is ok.

(The question/tweet has been removed)
@daisiespushedup um, yeah. @zoevermillion and i traded stories last night about our repsective arrests for shoplifting. i don't recommend it

Amanda says:
but it's also sort of like a suburban rite of passage in america...

favorite paul auster book? i started the brooklyn follies, but it didn't hold my attention. other recommendations?
@deseraestage yes, yes...i started with "oracle night" and then ate up "book of illusions". everything else i picked up didn't get finished.

Tips for people who are planning on being Living Statues?
@Skull_Duggery make sure your getup is practical yet beautiful. & just do it. there's no easy way to start, it's like jumping in cold water.

Would you ever consider making a concept album? And if so, what would it be about?
@albunde actually, yes... i've had thoughts about writing a concept record about my hometown, lexington. birthplace of American liberty.

hellllo, listening to your dresden dolls tunes, they are all pretty amazin BUT what is your favourite one to perform on stage?
@kaylog that answer changes depending on how i'm feeling. i never don't love playing half jack.

I know you've toyed with the idea.. but if you were to write a book, would it be a biography? Essays? A Diary-Likeness?
@againtoday i'm actually breaking ground on a weird semi-auto-bio book about performing: on street, on stage, for world, for love, in life.

what are you reading atm? or what would you recommend
@rouseymousey at the very moment i'm devouring "the omnivore's dilemma", highly recommended. @zoecello & i were comparing notes on tour.

do you think an artist could get TOO close to fans? w/twitter, facebook, etc, it's easier than ever to talk. (which is good!)
@insinglefile i think you can always be in danger of overconnecting to the point of non-life. boundaries are hard to draw. i'm still >>

Amanda says:
<< trying to figure this one out myself. @margaretcho and i were discussing: the connection is joyous yet it can eat your actual life away.

I was born in Lexington, Ky..

Whats your all time favorite movie?
@pinzim have a few, but if you haven't seen "santa sangre" or "king of hearts" cancel your plans tonight rent them & have your life changed.

are there days where u wish u could pack it all in?
@ismiseciara there are days when i wish i could stop touring. i never want to stop performing, but sometimes the travel does my head in.

i was a street team contest winner in albuquerque last year, and you totally ignored me and it hurt my feelings. wahhh.
@GeneralSilke i'm sorry. sometimes on tour people get shuffled. did i literally ignore you, like you were standing right in front of me??

where did the title for Leeds united come from?
@VonClaret i was dating ricky wilson from kaiser chiefs for a heartbeat, and i visited him in leeds. that was what first inspired the song.

is @hairmachine being added to this tour per suggestion of roadrunner records? what's their deal?

@indecisean hair machine didn't come through roadrunner. they emailed me directly. their myspacepage is HILARIOUS:

Do you have any summer tour plans?
@KhoverGirl still putting the summer together but i'm taking it easy. doing select US dates in june, then eastern europe, then fringe in UK.

who is blake?
@ireneharris blake is an ex of mine from the 2001 era. he's beautiful & on the cover of "a is for accident" as his living statue character.

i was trying to give you a gift (a notebook), at soundcheck... dunno if you didn't hear/ see. i gave it to Beth to give to ya
@GeneralSilke if you gave it to beth, it made it to me. i'm sorry you felt ignored, sometimes it's hard to connect w/ everybody in a night. really, whats with all the sex change stuff in your songs?
@JessyLou22 it depends...i was dating a pre-op around the time i wrote sex changes, but the other refs are all symbolic. i'm not a man.

Amanda says:
...and, i feel i should clarify, never was a man. :)

I gave JW a book called Clown Girl to give you at Koko, London. Did you ever get it? Did you ever read it?
@treefulstarling yes, i got it! no, i haven't read it. it's at home... the cover alone sucked me in: i'm a sucker for rubber chickens.

is the reluctance to type in capitals just a preference or stubbornness, or is there a deeper meaning/reason behind it?
@sourlullabies aside from being a pretentious nod to e.e.cummings, it's pure speed. caps take time. i have no time. i am too busy rocking.

When you say 'fringe', tell me you mean the Edinburgh Fringe. *hopeful face*
@vjinks indeedy: i'm planning on doing at least one weekend of shows in edinburgh, still determining venue. i'll def do some twitter events.

I don't have a question, I just want to thank you for the music and the time you spend with us. You make a difference. Thanks
@Nebevay you are fucking welcome. i really love doing this. i really, really do.

Why yoga ? When from and what does it bring you ?
@Idrils yoga keeps me sane & i would recommend it to any&everybody. i do baptiste but the style isn't all that important: it's the practice.

How do you feel about lasagna? I think I'm cooking some for you in Carrboro. Just wanted to make sure you like it (:
@Harpsichordian lasagne is good. light on the cheese, please. can't wait to meet you, that show is going to be epic.

if your touring with Jason, will EvelynEvelyn be tagging along?
@JessyLou22 when jason and i tour this summer, the sisters won't be coming. they're freaked out about flying, they;ve never been in a plane.

which member of your team (past or present, including the Danger Ensemble) would you find most useful on a desert island?
@bethofalltrades i think i'd take lyndon, mostly because we'd leave each other alone and i would want to hear him play violin.

Do you like The Smiths at all?
@Skull_Duggery the smiths were one of my staple/worship band sin high school. morrissey is a huge influence. THE MOZ. oh, the moz.

any advice for a shy, horribly perfectionnist, aspiring song writer with lots of unborn songs ?
@Idrils yes. just keep writing. write bad songs. write a lot of bad songs. but finish them. you don't have to play them for anybody.

who did your drawing in your avatar? And how do you/musicians go about choosing visual artists for album covers, swag, etc?
@katesnowbird the art comes from all over the place and the choices are all super-random. i just use things i like when i see them.

Amanda says:

if you ever have the chance to meet THE MOZ again will you turn it down (COACHELLA!?!?)

@JessyLou22 i think, if given the chance to meet the mozzer again, i might do it. i feel like a bigger girl now. and some girls...

AFP! I want to know: Any plans to start an advice column? I need some guidance & you are the ONLY ONE who can provide.
@JessalynHill if everyone sends emails to, maybe they'll invite me.

What did you see yourself doing "when you grew up" when you were younger? (say, 10-17)
@700stories at 10? i wanted to be a rock star. no shit. i pointed to my prince/madonna/cyndi lauper records and said: "i want to do THAT."

how do you feel about fan tattoos? Are they cheesy?

@madisonlynn not at all...i've seen some really, really beautiful and inspiring fan tattoos.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 03:59:57 AM
also dudes - feel free to reply to this thread (help bump it too so it doesn't get lost ;) )
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: yosmark on April 11, 2009, 04:36:49 AM
*cough* sticky in general discussion *cough*
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: doritojoe89 on April 11, 2009, 05:30:38 AM

thank you for doing this, hayley....

Amen!  Hayley you are truly amazing!!!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: insignifikunt on April 11, 2009, 06:05:49 AM
Hayley you  :headbang: O0
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Chris Con on April 11, 2009, 12:15:25 PM

you crazy!
but thanks  ;D
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Musings on April 11, 2009, 12:20:43 PM
Looks like Jesse has some archivist competition.

Really cool, especially since I'm off Twitter these days...
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 12:44:12 PM
I wasn't sure where this would be more appropriate - Gen Disc or News, but I figured this counted as "news and info" since it is like an interview. I'm glad my late night copying and pasting, copying and pasting wasn't in vain and that you guys enjoy this :) Thanks for the sticky, I'll be sure to update this as the Q&A tweets roll on

I'm torn about the twitterberry Q&A... since I can't (easily) get the questions Amanda is answering. I think what I'll do for that one (and trust me it's a LONG bored-in-van-driving-through-Texas-which-is-a-huge-fucking-state) is post all the answers and gradually update it with the questions as I find them.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: BATTEREDxBRIDExLUVR! on April 11, 2009, 12:51:31 PM
Looks like Jesse has some archivist competition.

Really cool, especially since I'm off Twitter these days...

haha naw, this isn't something i would have ever been motivated to do, so it is really really cool that hayley is doing this.

My mind is blanking right now; I swear there was a similar project aimed at archiving all concert Ask Amanda in general.

However: I think it would be neat to set up an "Ask Amanda Archive" blog where questions are blogged as separate entries and tagged and can then be searched. It could be a like a FAQ/Amanda-Wiki about Amanda herself. That is how I differ because I am more geared toward archiving music/directly song-related stuff. Dunno why.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 12:56:46 PM
Looks like Jesse has some archivist competition.

Really cool, especially since I'm off Twitter these days...

haha naw, this isn't something i would have ever been motivated to do, so it is really really cool that hayley is doing this.

My mind is blanking right now; I swear there was a similar project aimed at archiving all concert Ask Amanda in general.

However: I think it would be neat to set up an "Ask Amanda Archive" blog where questions are blogged as separate entries and tagged and can then be searched. It could be a like a FAQ/Amanda-Wiki about Amanda herself. That is how I differ because I am more geared toward archiving music/directly song-related stuff. Dunno why.

I thought this would belong or fit nicely on a website/blog but at the moment I do not have the time to set one up, and if I do, it won't be fancy (I'm 1337 but not THAT 1337). Anyway, figured the thread would suffice for now and in the future perhaps set up a blog, this works though, and it also encourages discussion, which I like.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: beth of all trades on April 11, 2009, 02:54:44 PM
We're actually working on an AFP FAQ... probably we will just cover the questions that are actually frequently asked and not the more obscure stuff, unless it's amusing.

This thread and other such compilations are actually muy helpful.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: doritojoe89 on April 11, 2009, 05:34:31 PM
We're actually working on an AFP FAQ... probably we will just cover the questions that are actually frequently asked and not the more obscure stuff, unless it's amusing.

This thread and other such compilations are actually muy helpful.

backstage in birmingham.. Amanda was on a phone interview and gooooodddd damnnn  every question was generic and had been asked 253,092,568 times before... i felt so bad for her...   
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 06:45:26 PM
Due to the Shadowbox's 20,000 character limit this Q&A session has been split up into two parts.

(Note - Amanda started this Q&A on her Blackberry phone in the van before switching to a computer at the venue. For now this will only have the ANSWERS from the Blackberry Q&A part as Twitterberry, the Blackberry application Amanda uses to access twitter on her blackberry, does not show which tweets Amanda is @ replying to. I will edit them in here as I get them, please bare with me.)

[EDIT - wow, can't believe I'm able to actually find these Questions. After this I'm going on a twitter hiatus, fuck you twitter! It's a love/hate relationship. Haha this is taking over two hours to do, but at least I'm listening to some new music  O0.]

TUESDAY MARCH 24, 2009 - Boredom in van on the road with @vermillionlies spawns a spontaneous @amandapalmer twitter Q&A
Part 1 of 2
(This I believe is the first Q&A)

do you get the same amount of profit off online purchases as purchases at the merch booth at shows?
@Leerie good question. Whether you buy shirts at shows or online, I make approx the same $. Very different from CDs&vinyl, which you(more)

Amanda says:
(...more) should ALWAYS buy at shows or direct from my webstore. I make much more money from the those sales vs. buying @ bestbuy/walmart.

How about purchasing CDs/vinyl from smaller, locally-owned shops? Do they cut you any more than large chains, or is it about the same?
@mspotamus buying in indie shops is heaps better than from evil bigboxes, but buying direct pays me waaay more. It cuts out all middlemen.

What about buying through Amazon?
@lovehound buying through amazon is the equivalent of a bigbox. Anyplace the label supplies cds to another outlet, I lose profit. (More..)

Amanda says:
....The reason buying is better at indie/local shops is purely karma. I don't make any more $ than if you bought the same thing at bestbuy.

(Question unable to be retrieved due to user's account being protected/locked updates)
@miklos believe it or not, i see no profit from itunes or any other legit digital outlets. not telling you to download shit for free. but.

Amanda says:
....Also its important to know why this is the case....jason webley or @zoecelloe DO make profts from itunes b/c they're independant...

Amanda says:
I am on a major label trip. This means they will take all of those profits until they pay themselves back the money they spent on the dolls.

Amanda says:
This is getting ridiculous, I should write a blog about this, its too complicated to squish into 140 character blocks. Meanwhile...

Amanda says:
I'm so fucking bored in the van. Anyone have any questions that can be answered in 140-character blocks?

does it work the same buying concert tickets from your site instead of ticketmaster
@cobra427 its better to buy your tickets direct through my site than through ticketmaster. But there's not always the option.

(Question unable to be retrieved due to tweet being missing/deleted)
@HeatherAdlerMSN here in the van of love we've been listening to the lisps, the shins, new orleans bingo show and shenendoah davis

will you have free tickets for st pete show on thurs?
@stalkingcat yes. I'll be giving away tickets every show day for the rest of this tour....

where is brian?
@polkadotfaerie brian is currently in nyc and rocking out with world/inferno friendship society. Amazing band, go see them.

how many miles are on your van?
@riskybizness there are currently 94,951 miles on the bio-diesel friendly @vermillionlies van of love

[note- original question tweet exists in two parts]
Since you're on the subject of album sales, would you consider putting out a "tip jar" at your shows, a'la Danger ensemble...
...for any of us who pirated the album, and want to make good with AFP?

@Rev_Sputnik just you wait. I have a fantasy that my next tour will involve a very creative tip jar element for all those who have pirated.

Amanda says:
You guys will never believe this but abc news in new york literally just called to interview me about twitter. This shit is on fire.

When will tickets go on sale for the LHS spring show and how can the general public get them?
@Shakti672 tix for the neutral milk hotel play at lexington high school with afp won't go on sale for a few weeks. Get on mailing list....

I'm an editor at MSN...we should do an interview about Twitter over Twitter some time. It will be totally meta.
@HeatherAdlerMSN totally meta! Email beth to set up an interview:

Buying direct from the artist always makes the artist more money, but best buy is good for spreading to a bigger audience.
@mikalg soon, when I write the musicbiz blog to end all blogs, I will explain how everything works from agents to publicists to money.

How did you originally meet Annie of St. Vincent? It was a bonny surprise to see you on stage together last year.
@matthewglidden I met annie of st. Vincent through our mutual friend (and my soundguy) dave "psycho" hughes about 2 years ago.

Amanda says:
Ok, gang. Everybody tweet it: @amandapalmer is taking live questions until about 4:30 EST because she's really bored in the fucking tour van

Amanda says:
RT @Dissentertainer @amandapalmer money quote for ABC: "It's not necessarily healthy to know 50,000 people" :-)

Amanda says:
In fact, EVERYbody needs to be on the mailing list. Fuck twitter, fuck myspace & facebook. I need your email.

Will there be another Album released soon? :)
@hom0milk i have to wait and see if I can get dropped from my godforsaken label. I will find out in mid-june. Then I will make plans.

I sometimes forget that mailing lists still exist.
@lollerskating DO NOT FORGET about the importance of The Mailing List. essential. twitter, facebook: these thingsare fleeting. Email stays.

What's it like working with Pixie Vision? I have the opp. to buy a photoshoot with her soon.
@prismkitty she's fantastic to work with. its a personal style question. Her aesthetic has to turn you on. Look at all her stuff and decide

What is your definition of "art" OR how do you feel art connects people with each other/with themselves?
@Thatcrazywyles "art" is anything you call art. Love works the same way, kinda. The minute you start defining it, you've missed the point.

Amanda says:
all you asking "when are you going to play in...."?....sign the mailing list. I sometimes give updates on the blog before I confirm dates.

how come you sing with a brittish accent?
@tommysinartra if it sounds like I sing with a brit accent, blame robert smith, depeche mode and my other heros. Its awful when I'm drunk.

Biz question: Do you know what your breakeven point is for a gig? Do you split the door? Or play for a flat fee? Or...?
@cjplaysbass can be a door deal, sometimes flat fee, or a combo. Sometimes that flat fee is $1k, sometimes (festivals) its as high as $15k.

I'm about to go to the library, can you recommend a book for me to check out?
@_rubberducky_ read "the unbearable lightness of being" by kundera.

how is your foot these days? (Saw you in October when all crutched up.)
@skittledog little foot's been sad, healed but then in australia I started limping. It needs a real rest, off the road. Thanks for asking.

what was your favourite puppet/stuffed animal/toy as a kid? still have it?
@sylviaaa_k nothing got as much serious love as joey (nee gabriel herbert) my cabbage patch kid. I still have him and he still smells yummy

A fun one: If you could be raised in any family of celebrities (from the Kardashians to the Manson cult), which would it be?
@helloxjed if I could be born into an art family? Maybe the coppolas. I'd kill to be the progeny of lou reed and laurie anderson.

how come i can't find any of the dresden dolls music videos on youtube?
@jinx81558 all dresden dolls have been lifted from youtube because of a penis war between youtube and marner music. See my blog for details

i get tons of velvet underground allusions in "blake says". intentional?
@katy_cakes yes, intentional. There was a verse of david bowie references too, but I cut it. How many can you count?

another student (Hanah) wants to know if you have ever fallen off the stage. It's our lunch break and we have joined the tour.
@csdaley I have never fallen off stage but my seat has collapsed beneath me....several times. Sort of funny but also not.

boycut, bikini, or thong. which is best, andwhy?
@doll_revolution I personally prefer boxerbriefs. For myself AND my loved ones.

[note- question asked in two tweets]
What do you think Eraserhead represents?
Or means, rather.

@xironsiderx I think its dangerous to spend time interpreting the work of @david_lynch. Just take it in,no questions. For real. He'd agree.

which of your songs do you enjoy the most?
@its_confusing depends what you mean. There are ones I love listening to and ones I love playing. Half jack is one of my all time faves.

how long have you been playing piano? Lessons vs self-taught? First song you learned?
@captainkimothy I started playing piano when I was three. My mom sat me on her lap and I copied her hands. I never learned to read music.

You, Zoë, and Jason should do a version of La Valse d'Amélie.
@frankispeace funny you should say that. Me, jason and @zoecello are planning a musical jam-out week this fall. We will webcast.

I'm curious, why do you feel that way? Because it's his work and his alone to interpret?
@xironsiderx you can feel free to interpret, but yes, I don't think his work works that way. Its like trying to nail down a dream.

What do I tell people who ask about the "WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER BOOK" we did -- release date and how to preorder?
@neilhimself The afp/neil gaiman book will be ready for pre-order within next fewweeks. SIGN THE MAILING LIST at to (more)

Amanda says:
get the word, since we're only printing 10k copies. And neil, I want a better question. That was boring.

When you're on tour, do you get to do what the fuck you like, or does the label try and organise everything?
@ForsakenDAemon the label actually has nothing to do with my tour, except occasionally setting up promo/radio and press. Touring is all me.

is it weird when people dress up to look like you at shows, then try to make out with you?
@Justdusted the funny thing is that making out with someone dressed in a black dress & striped tights is like kissing myself in 2005. Hot.

Any piano players you admired growing up?
@KoffeeGuy you know, I had very little concioussness of other piano players as a kid. The only one I looked up to was thelonious monk.

Mac or PC?
@PirateDave89 are you kidding me dude. Mac. Mac. All mac all the time. Mac party.

Amanda says:
kim from @vermillionlies is going to tweet a picture of my current position from her iphone

****************************************@vermillionlies tweet**************************************
This is @amandapalmer twittering away.. It has nothing to do with boredom. We are really exciting 24/7!

[note- question is in 3 tweets/parts]
don't you think twitter is a bit creepy? i read tweets (?)from demi moore and now it's like: well, i always suggested that...
she is a little dumb and now she proofs it to the whole world and can't take it back! and almost is doing it! i don't like it
almost everybody of course

@Seeraeuberoma yes, twitter is totally creepy. I also thought myspace was creepy. People in the 1940s also thought phones were creepy.

what was the name of your old college radio show? Did you use a DJ name?
@sourlullabies my old radio station was WESU, 88.1fm in CT. I was a dj there for 2 years. Someday I'll dig up old recordings and stream.

if you had to be one, would you be deaf or blind?
@BananaPeelVinyl I've often wondered this. I think I'd rather be blind. Then I could be like ray charles or stevie wonder. Not beethoven.

at your Seatlte concert, I got on a mailing list. Are there multiple lists for different cities?
@corprew there are different mailing lists for every city, but usually I address them all at the same time.

what is the last thing you want to do, right before dying?
@AnneAnnebelle right before dying? I'd like to hold the hand of someone I love and say nothing.

Amanda says:
my blackberry just died but is now resurrected.

Amanda says:
Kim posted photo of right now at @vermillionlies
[***note: @vermillionlies' twitpic is posted above between the *'s]

okay. A not-boring question. Why make art?
Thank you for your more interesting question, mr @neilhimself. Because if I didn't make art, I'd be trying to get love in much scarier ways.

are you wearing your fucking seatbelt?
@corsa180 yes I am wearing my fucking seatbelt for fucks sake.

What sort of yoga practice do you manage while touring?
@MarcLehman my yoga often suffers on tour, but I often drop in to local studios I find online. If I'm good, I roll my mat out wherever.

Amanda says:
Currently listening to betaband. Amazing.

[note- this question exists in two tweets/parts]
You mentioned you met just Tori Amos. As you are both pianists, how would you describe the difference between your styles?
By which I meant, "you just met Tori Amos". And etc.

@tiffanymaxwell I could go on about afp vs tori amos.I think you can hear the main style difference is that she comes from classical world.

Amanda says:
Kim of @vermillionlies is now officially fielding twitter questions from the backseat of the van on her macbook. Go go go.

Blackberry... where is the iPhone?
@PCDS I had an iphone for one month and I hocked it. I couldn't type as fast as on blackberry. But, camera was better and I miss the apps.

When do you ever sleep? :)
@bekitty its not that I don't sleep, its that I don't do anything while I'm awake but twitter anymore.

(Unable to retrieve question as user has since protected/locked their twitter account)
@brainy I'm using my blackberry and kim is using a verizon wireless modem

As a huge Ben Folds fan (like, his BIGGEST fan), how much were/are you inspired by his music?
@mrseb I wasnt actually an educated ben folds fan when we met. I think that was useful for being able to work with him, I didn't fan out.

who is driving?
@lanceperkins zoe from @vermillionlies is driving and jaron (my soundguy) and kim are in the backseat

Amanda says:
My thumbs are sore

Does it weird you out to know there are at least probably 50 unshowered and naked people waiting on every update from you?
@mitrepeak are you kidding? I'm in alabama & just went to a gas station with t-shirts for children saying "I am a miracle of god" on them.

whos ur favourite artist in the charts right now?
@ismiseciara I don't know who's in the charts now but I can assure you I ain't heard of 90% of it. I like that coldplay song from 2003.

where do you want to retire to some day?
@whittles half the year in new york city, half the year in melbourne australia, baby.

Hey AFP, do you think you'll ever turn to acting? I could see you doing a Björk film like Dancer in the Dark...Rich Eno x
@RichardEno I've thought about doing filmy things, but its kinda boring, I'd rather do stage. But only short runs of something awesome

Amanda says:
We're almost at the venue.....

(Unable to retrieve question due to user changing their account settings to protected/locked updates)
@markwforbes the bible belt is scary and the gas stations ominous. But the people are fucking nice & the shows are loud and outta control.

do you think there are limits to what can validly be considered art? if so, what are they?
@billyocracy again, art has to be subjective. The minute you define, you kill. So answer it for yourself and ask your friend. That's it.

do you ever have to block creepy people on twitter?
@BeckySmithster I don't block anyone on twitter. Anyone annoying just gets ignored.

when/where was the first time you felt you had really connected with an audience, weather it was 1 person or 1000+?
@krystlewallis the first time I felt connected with an audience was playing with brian in early dolls days. Before that I was terrified.

Amanda says:
We have arrived at the workplay theater in alabama and I have to load in. But we've gotten so many questions (thousands, literally) that....

Amanda says:
....We're going to do a live webcast from here at 7 til 730 after soundcheck. Send questions, we'll pick and choose.

Amanda says:
I fucking love the future. Fuck everything. Fans => twitter => artist => twitter => fans. End of story.

don't stop twittering, you make my day.
@RANDALLLLLLLLLL must stop twittering. i have to eat. i really shouldn;t eat and twitter. but it's SO MUCH FASTER now that i have my mac up.

When you are staying at hotels have you ever stolen, towels, teapots or copious amouts of biscuits and tea?
@Starlighthair can't stop. eating&twittering. it's like drinking&driving. somebody help me. the answer:YES. i steal towels & all bath items.

Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 08:14:10 PM
TUESDAY MARCH 24, 2009 - Boredom in van on the road with @vermillionlies spawns a spontaneous @amandapalmer twitter Q&A
Part 2 of 2

Amanda says:
doing interviews backstage & eating guac. ben folds, on phone yesterday, on artists drawing personal lines: "afp draws hers at the toilet."

hardwood floors or carpeting?
@vtmnwtr hardwood floors, and rug when necessary.

album by somebody else that you wish you wrote?
@vtmnwtr for surely: songs of leonard cohen.

why haven't you done a tour for No, Virginia... will you in the forseeable future after solo ventures?
@LabyrinthQueen we actually did do a short tour in the states for "no, virginia" missed it.

is there a chance of you touring with the danger ensemble again in the future? i so fucking loved those guys!
@violentlights there is a huge chance that the danger ensmble and i will work together. when i have a budget. watch out.

Amanda says:
RT: Kovacs88@amandapalmer The world will end not with a bang, but a tweet

would u like to record with regina spektor someday?
@ismiseciara i love regina but i think we're too the same to write together. like cake on cake. singing together'd be rad, maybe we will.

How did you first discover Twitter?
@pinzim i first discovered twitter through @neilhimself. blame him.

Amanda says:
i should correct that. @neilhimself was the one who made me really start going mad. i already had an account, but i was barely using it.

Amanda says:
obviously, @neilhimself has ruined my life.

How to you manage to still put emotion into songs that you've played a million times? I respect this about you.
@keepitgee good question and the answer is that as long as people are feeling, i find it easy. when the audience is dead, it's impossible.

Amanda says:
ok. enough. done. really truly stopping and going to eat & soundcheck. that last round was like whacking off right after an orgasm. dumb.

Amanda says:
ONE more thing: the twitter interview at is one of the top rated clips in australia today! go watch it & help it along.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: insignifikunt on April 11, 2009, 08:27:18 PM
 O0 thanks! I missed half of those!!!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 11, 2009, 08:49:53 PM
Okay every twitter Q&A session has been posted. Every question is there unless it was removed by the twitter user. Some accounts changed their settings from public to protected updates - so there are a handful of questions I didn't have access to read. If you are any of those users or if you are following them, please post the questions in this thread.

Also, let me know if I missed any questions, answers or Q&A sessions. For now I'll edit the 3 we have up to look cleaner (aka remove all the "@amandapalmer's" from the questions.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: MeAndMyCharms on April 11, 2009, 09:31:35 PM
I love this idea.
I always played my own little game with these Twitter Q&A's and just tried to guess the questions that were asked based on the answers. I'm pretty much just too lazy to search everybody's Twitter to find the original question

Thank you muchly
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: insignifikunt on April 12, 2009, 08:05:24 AM
I love this idea.
I always played my own little game with these Twitter Q&A's and just tried to guess the questions that were asked based on the answers. I'm pretty much just too lazy to search everybody's Twitter to find the original question

Thank you muchly

tehehe I did that to some of the time but then couldn't come up with a question so actually did a little stalking.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Merk on April 12, 2009, 06:27:17 PM
i like david tenent to [:
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: 1sideofanampersand on April 13, 2009, 11:08:34 AM
This was an awesome idea. Thanks for posting it!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: lela_sakatoshi on May 18, 2009, 02:48:01 PM
Thank you so much Hayley for this great present!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
I loved it!!!!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: kayci on June 22, 2009, 01:28:46 AM
This is awesome, especially since I'm not a big fan of Twitter (even if I can see myself becoming slowly addicted).

Thanks for doing this!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: lentower on June 28, 2009, 11:25:07 PM
this is an awesome thread!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: lentower on June 28, 2009, 11:25:32 PM
have had too little time for the box for way too long ...

this is an awesome thread!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Jo Just Go Nameless on July 03, 2009, 04:37:13 AM
I thought that I would continue this because I'm bored and need entertainment, If Hayley has no arguments :)

THURSDAY 2nd JULY, 2009 - BORED ON PLANE @amandapalmer Twitter Q&A "airplane ask amanda"

Amanda Says:

ok why fucking not. it's time for #AAA ... "airplane ask amanda". you go girls. maybe the questions can be spatially-related.

What's your favorite Liz Phair song?

@physigory favorite liz phair song, tie: "chopsticks" vs "flower" #AAA

do you drink when you fly?

@ShannonXL i usually drink when i fly @ night, (esp if no gig next day and even then...sometimes). i'm not a daytime drinker...not yet. #AAA

May I ask what song for the music video? :D

@desired_waste we did a spontaneous music video for "if you want to sing out sing out" by cat stevens during beach gig. it was amazing. #AAA

Who is your favorite Twin Peaks character?

@One_Bloody_Poet ooooh, favorite twin peaks character: definitely the log lady. i LOVE the log lady and her infinite wisdom. #AAA

Amanda Says:

RT: @amandapalmer is doing a spontaneous session of "airplane ask amanda" while she flies (with wireless) from LAX to seattle

how fulfilling do you think twittering on the moon would be? #AAA

@balanceisgood twittering from the moon could be satisfying. i would like to be the first moontwitterer. while eating #moonfruit. #AAA

what's your favorite part of flying in space? least favorite?

@BetterL8ThanNvr worst part of flying: feeling constricted & contained. favorite part of flying: being offline. oh wait....oh fuck. #AAA

have you checked the wing of the plane for gremlins? - @juepucta there are no gremlins out there. but the wing does have a suspicious-looking american flag on it.

Ok then. Mile High Club. Yes or No (as a concept, not necessarily there and now)? ;-)

@Siduhe closest i got to joining mile high club was w/ a strange scottish man...i was 15 & flying w/ my parents to europe. don't ask.#AAA

also, if I'm permitted a 2nd question, which one do you think's better: tommy or the wall?

@quadropheniac oh, dude. i think "the wall" wins over "tommy" by leagues. but it's a personal choice...apples and oranges for sure. #AAA

would you be terribly upset if a fan who will be out of town for the show were to come to the airport to greet you? :D #AAA

@BetterL8ThanNvr only if you also rope in 826 other girls to meet me there & make them hold signs that say RINGO! JOHN! PAUL! GEORGE! #AAA

Do you enjoy flying? Or does it make you nervous?

@ironicpink i really love flying. it calms me. i read & catch up & am usually glad there's no wireless. this is freaking me out. #AAA
about 10 hours ago from web in reply to ironicpink

is the wireless free? Is there free booze to help with the twittering from space?

@clinton_o no, unfortunately virgin charges you $9.95 for the privilege of tweeting from space. i am drinking bad coffee. #AAA

what does Amanda take as carry-on? 1st class or coach? What's the movie of choice playing?

@gothmogg23 amanda fucking palmer flies economy unless some festival is paying for the tickets & willing to spring for first class. #AAA
about 10 hours ago from web in reply to gothmogg23

today my female cat turned out to be a male. so i need a new name. do you have any suggestions for me?

@oingloin hmm. female cat is male, eh? must be a sad little cat penis. i suggest you name him "ron jeremy" boost his pride/ego. #AAA

The level of determination @amandapalmer shows to engage directly with her audience is fascinating me. Post-Mystique Pop Life.

@warrenellis dude, you should try twittering from a plane. it changes everything. really. twitter becomes profound and meaningful.

How did u meet Neil?

@Cladeedah i met neil through our mutual friend, amazing @jasonwebley, who happens to be the reason i'm flying to seattle right now. #AAA

that's not the mile high club, dear

@JasonvonEvil oh. wait. what's the mile high club? you mean it's not when you fuck on an airplane? i've had it wrong all these years? #AAA

I do nothing on planes except drink and decide which other passengers I will use as shields when we inevitably crash.

@warrenellis HA. then you would really love the screaming 3-year-old next to me. he looks very well-padded.

favorite murakami book?

@acautionarytale i've only read "the wind-up brid chronicles", years ago, but i fucking loved it. must read more murakami. #AAA

Tell the kid his new name is "Pre-Crash Ass-Cushion."

@warrenellis no, i will not tell the kid that, i'd ruin his life. but i'll tell his father.

what's your seat number?

@AustinBloggy i'm in 21a, the window seat. sitting next to me is a guy playing iPhone games and a guy typing on his blackberry. #AAA

@warrenellis i had always assumed celebrity would drift further from the strictly human, but @amandapalmer proves that wrong

@saintneko you know, i have this theory about celebrity. you can run from it screaming or you can run headfirst into it. i think that ...

Amanda Says:

... it's safer to run into it. like turning and accelerating into a curve when drag-racing. your audience should be a friend, not a foe.

how did you get so crazy smart with yer event ideas? (congrats on the extrasupercool writer boyfriend guy by the way)!

@pathimself i come from a performance art/theater background & i used to be a street performer. doing weirdo events is Home for me. #AAA

Amanda Says:

lots o' questions about what i'm listening to. answer: sound of the airplane. i don't ever really use headphones/ipods, unless jogging. #AAA

will Kaledrina ever make a comeback? It's so underrated! One of my favorites.

@ashleybb "kaledrina" will probably make its way onto a record at some point. i'd love to record it with brian. the drum part is ace. #AAA

if you couldnr tweet on the airplane what would you be doing right now

@iamtheampersand if i weren't tweeting on the airplane right now i'd be a good little AFP catching up on her 300 unanswered emails. #AAA


@iamtheampersand (so thank you for the excuse to fuck off and not work - i am justifying this as an IMPORTANT SOCIAL EXPERIMENT). #AAA

Where is my book of dead Amanda's?? Any news on when they will ship out to the pre-order peeps??

@tracie_mae business, yep. the WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER/Neil Gaiman books are gong to ship out around july 16th. will notify. #AAA

Can the twitmob beach party surprise surpass the club/festival tour model? Since she's generously fielding ?estions, let's ask @amandapalmer

@lunggwai well, twit-flash-gigging is kinda unwieldy & weather, size, security would eventually become an issue. but i'll never stop. #AAA

Why you do not use headphones? It turns the music into a more introspective and intense experience!

@Gold_Bug it's not that i have anything against headphones, i just don't like listening to music during most parts of life ....
about 10 hours ago from web in reply to Gold_Bug

Amanda Says:

... i used to have a walkman glued to my head when i was a teen. nowadays i find that i can't focus if there's music playing ANYWHERE. #AAA

Dream duet live with any artist living or dead: what song, what artist? Time machine is available!

@casket4mytears i wouldn't mind jamming a duet with john lennon on "mother". #AAA

Do you know when the Neo2 mags with be available on the webstore? Also, what do you usually drink when flying at night?

@cyndaelle neo2 magazines will be put on the webstore as soon as we have them at the actual warehouse. i made a new rule about that. #AAA

you're going to seattle..any chance you will be at @theteganandsara 's concert at the showbox on july 3?

@JoeYTeacups the @theteganandsara show is at EXACTLY the same time as @jasonwebley's show tomorrow, but imma to try to find them :) #AAA

Do you ever have that moment on an airplane when you think, by god, this is against all laws of nature?

@midnight_faerie yep. i am still astounded that planes fly. and i have a ritual every time i take off, when i remember to do it ...

Amanda says:

...which is to decide that i'm totally fine with crashing if that's what the plane decides to do. instant zen mortality check-in. #AAA

to settle a disagreement, what is missed me about? Also, its beautiful in seattle today!

@corrie_ what's the disagreement? the song seems so obvious to me. #AAA

worst part about being famous?

@chaynicole there isn't really a "worst part" of being famous, its like asking what's the "worst part" of being human. all relative. #AAA

Are you reading a book? Not, you know, at this specific moment in time... and if so, which one?

@Tlunden i just finished reading "wetlands" by charlotte roche (AMAZING) & am about to start digging "house of leaves" by danielewski. #AAA

Some of your favorite ever gifts from fans?

@kalinkabeek my favorite fan gifts have mostly been food, especially the feasts while on the road this past fall w/ danger ensemble

do you have any dreams/nightmares that you experience repeatedly?

@hig1278 i used to have a recurring dream (often nightmare) about being submerged in a body of water while my stuff floats away. analyze?

Are you coming to WorldCon in Montreal this August? #AAA

@madelineashby lots of people asking, i won;t be at worldcon this summer. i'll be in russia/europe all of august. #AAA

Amanda Says:

we are descending..... and they are asking me to turn off the twitter love faucet. last calllllll #AAA

wann kommst du wieder nach deutschland? any plans?

@oingloin ach die deutschen!!!! ich werde in septemebr mit neil da sein aber weiss noch nich ob ich ein richtiges gig spielen werde...#AAA

who is your favorite tweeter? celebrity or not.

@sierraanderson favorite twitterer. gads, it's got to be @neilhimself and i think i'd say that even if i weren't his special friend. #AAA

Which classical piano composer is your favourite?!?! Chopin?? Beethoven?? Debussy???

@Sakalela the flight attendants are coming!!!! save me. bach. totally bach. #AAA

Amanda Says: - and thus ends #AAA. peace out all y'all. o hai seattle.

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thank you very much for posting the latest edition. I missed it as I was out of town for the weekend, so now I get to EASILY catch up with this, yay. thanks again!
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i vote we buy and create an uber website archive of all the q&a sessions ever.
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ASK AMANDA Q&A #LOFNOTC Edition (though it started after midnight) Saturday July 11, 2009

Amanda Says:
quality family time at an end, baby asleep. who's up for some late-late night #LOFNOTC? i'm game. it's only 11 boulder time.

Amanda Says:
let's just make it old school. ask me stupid and/or philosophical questions for a while & i'll do my best to answer you in 140 characters.

Amanda Says:
RT: ask amanda anything/#LOFNOTC in effect. tonight's theme: who fucking cares (just watched existentially emptying film)

But it's actually Midnight Boulder Time :[ #LOFNOTC
@lovesickfawna oh shit you're right. i haven't changed my computer clock. midnight is a good time for #LOFNOTC. fuck it.

if it's 4.14pm Saturday in Melbourne AU, do I still get to join in?
@hannahrochelle you can't join unless you are a powerful enough australian to make it friday IN YOUR MIND #LOFNOTC

what's the definition of "good"?
@XXsameen definition of "good"? is simply relative to the definition of "bad". neither actually exist. they are constructs of your ego .

overall, how would you say your 30s have progressed (so far)? #LOFNOTC
@lowercasejae you know, i didn't mind turning 30, because i managed to get my shit together in my late 20s. if i hadn't i'd've been SAD.

Amanda Says:
#LOFNOTC do not fear time

Amanda Says:

Why is it so hard to get over stuff? #LOFNOTC #bothphilosophicalandstupidquestion
@sylvia5th it is so hard because we attach ourselves to things. we do not let go. humans do that. #LOFNOTC.

What do you think is a stronger emotion... love or hate? #LOFNOTC
@ObscuredByCloud love and hate are the same thing, if it's the kind of love that has hate as it's opposite. they're equal. #LOFNOTC

I'm just out of a 15 year relationship. separation+on my's been over a year now. mortified 2date again. advice
@vwesson give yourself all the time you need and don't assume that relationships are what make you whole or fulfilled. myth. #LOFNOTC

seriously and not superficially I ask, how are you? #LOFNOTC
@sourlullabies thanks for asking. i'm really tired. i have a headache. i feel drained. but i'm also happy. i am glad i came here

Amanda Says:
... i was supposed to go home to boston but came to my cousin's place instead. he's been having a rough time. he just

Amanda Says:
..broke up with his baby's mama & i wanted to represent. we had a long talk tonight. put things in perspective, that's for damn sure.

why is a sperm whale called a sperm whale? it looks nothing like a sperm. are the males incredibly potent or something?
@Mugsyface wiki says: "whale named after the milky-white waxy substance, spermaceti, found in its head and originally mistaken for sperm"

when's the last time you were shocked to your core?
@djsnow the last time i was shocked to my core was probably when my foto got run over by a car in belfast in september. it was shocking.

Amanda Says:

(seeing your tired, headache reply) when and where was the last time you took a real vacation? (with no secret gigs ect..)
@soapeater last time i took a real vacation? about 2 months ago when i went to neil's house for a week & went 100% offline. that was real.

Did you see yourself here in your early 20s? You carry yourself with so much confidence - did it just happen...?
@fusionofme no, it did not just happen. i was the most insecure wreck of a girl in my teenage years. it took a shitload of work. #LOFNOTC

Cute baby and picture. Would you want a baby of your own?
@gershwhen you know, i dunno about babies. i kind of really passionately love my life the way it is. children are all-consuming. #LOFNOTC

is there a such thing as being overconnected? Twitter/internet on cell phones,etc #LOFNOTC
@vieshnavi (hi doll!) connection doesn't necessarily mean Connection, if y'know what i mean. everything is a tool. what do you use it for?

Can't sleep, up worrying about apartment-hunting. Missing you and taking comfort in this group.
@MollyRobison hi honey. i, too, am taking comfort in this group. i came up with a new term today while answering interview questions...

Amanda Says:
..."emotional internet crowdsurfing". this is, as far as i'm concerned, exactly the practice i am engaging in at this very moment. #LOFNOTC

what's it like having fans ask for relationship/life advice?
@ShannonXL i don't know. it's just like this. what's it like asking? #LOFNOTC

did you see the pic of the tattoo I got for my birthday on tuesday? #LOFNOTC
@ummm_Stacy yes, it's beautiful. and i hope it didnt' hurt too much. #LOFNOTC

what was the hardest personal moment of your music career????
@curt_mowery there wasn't a single one. i had some tours with brian that were really, really hard and frustrating. #LOFNOTC

Weißt du schon, ob du in Deutschland spielst? #LOFNOTC
@m0echtegern ich wiess noch nicht aber ich hoffe daß ich ein ninja-gig in regensburg (auf der jan insel) zusammenstellen kann. #LOFNOTC

you are at top 10 singers from a famous webpage here.(F)
@mariana_campos that is wonderful. mr. neil and i have a fantasy that we'll go to brazil together sometime. #LOFNOTC

also: how do you deal with negative people?
@tiaramerchgirl negative people? i avoid them. simple. #LOFNOTC

we r inspied by you&you seem to be inspired by us. what makes you keep going when you feel like there is nothing more to give
@krystlewallis when i feel empty like that i do things like this. #LOFNOTC

if you could give your fans one word of advice, what would it be?
@cyndaelle one word? love. #LOFNOTC

Should I get my septum pierced?
@acautionarytale #LOFNOTC

what's your relationship to 'blake' #LOFNOTC
@CallumSkene blake was an ex of mine who really liked david bowie and now is a living statue of an angel in harvard square. #LOFNOTC

how do i balance my quest for intimacy with my desire to create?
@beckastar they can be combined, it's not hard. look at this, was there ever a better example? #LOFNOTC

You have discovered a magic medium (twitter) and a magic time (now) and are making major magic. How is it evolving?
@oregonmac it's up to all of us how this evolves. we're in a magic slice of time right now. i can't know the answer to that, i shouldn't.

Also, what do you do when you run out of ideas? Or do you EVER run out of ideas? Artist's-block is hard to conquer. #LOFNOTC
@mimisaurus when i run out of ideas, i go back to life. #LOFNOTC

Why do you think that humans rely so heavily on music?
@Mattwyllie i think it was nietzsche that once said "all art aspires to the condition of music". i don't know. it plugs into the center.

Amanda says:
last call. AFP is about to brush her teeth, lay her head down and call her boyfriend. #LOFNOTC

Amanda says:

Is the music industry blog still coming?
@charliewinter yes, it's still coming.

Just got home from TC queer women event, AFP came up (naturally) Mpls lesbos want to know: How many women have you slept with?
@Donogrl less than 20. don't ask me how many men. twitter only allows 140 characters.

Advice for the lonely? #LOFNOTC
@Energist advice for the lonely? know that you are not alone. there are a lot of us here in that boat; we're all alone together, you know.

Amanda says:
with that, i take my leave in a puff of internet smoke. i really love you guys. good night, my faithful losers, may you dream of rad things.

Amanda says:
ALL HAIL #LOFNOTC. the world is a better place for now because of our ability to randomly connect like this. love.

Amanda says:
i'm peeking back while i brush my teeth. i see we finally made the trending topics. GO US! score one for the losers. all hail #LOFNOTC
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AMANDA ASKS TWITTER "What's wrong?" Q&A (sorta) Sunday July 26, 2009

Okay so this is a little backwards, but very interesting and even inspiring. Amanda posed a question, people answered it and Amanda responded to some with advice, thoughts, inspiration etc.

So even though this technically isn't a traditional twitter interview Amanda Q&A, it's still beautiful, worthwhile to archive and just goes to show how close twitter makes us. Role reversal, if you will. I am posting the original question that Amanda asked (which was "What's wrong?") and the answers only from people Amanda responded to.

Amanda says:
what's wrong?

Amanda says:
according to the @ replies, there is more wrong than there isn't this evening.

The lateness of the hour is not wrong, but my wakefulness coupled with my weariness feels wrong.
@Iko i tend only to ask what's wrong when i'm in the shit over here. i never know exactly what's wrong. that's why i'm asking you.

My ex is in town and keeps trying to talk to me. He broke up with me in the worst possible way.
@Mattwyllie how?

Life. Just when I thought I finally figured it all out, too. :( I shouldn't feel so old at 34.
@Russty and i shouldn't feel so old at 33. i think it's ok. but we should start a club.

I can't figure out which toothbrush is mine, and which is my wife's. It doesn't matter, right?
@mikeantos no, it doesn't matter. not if you french kiss and stuff.

for the first time in a long time, i can tell you that i am HAPPY. really and truly happy.
@inkonthepage i am so glad to hear that.

this is what's wrong. i'm scared.
@tilde_ i don't think we can look to @mileycyrus for salvation at this point.

The sense that no matter what group/type of people I'm around, I stick out as the one who doesn't belong.
@music_geek this is a good time to start your own posse. even if it's just a posse of one.

Lonely. Wishing the world was more people who didn't care about looks. And less people who SAY they dont' care about look
@Chucke4711 people are afraid.

nothing's wrong so long as we know that you would care if something was wrong.
@BuoySirUs wow. that makes me feel good. and this is why i asked.

I have a new job working in Community Development around issues of homelessness & poverty in Oregon. What's wrong? Lots. ; (
@MitzyG i remember the extreme sorrow i felt when i walked over the bridge in portland and saw the huge suicide hotline signs. be brave.

Nothing's wrong at my end of the world, but thanks for asking. [= Loved your show at the Fire Arts Fest, btw. Will post pix.
@dockhorn ah. thank you. it felt like a fuckshow.

I can't get over the disconcerting feeling that I'm choking. Literally. I can't sing, it hurts to talk/eat and my docs SUCK.
@TheSarahBiz hydrate and sleep a lot.

@oscardewinter and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a MIRACLE. somebody go wave a vagina puppet in his window or something.

Never thought to approach it that way, but I like. From now on I'm my own entourage.
@music_geek FUCK YES. and the internet is your own personal HBO special.

I cut my hand open on my stairs and I'm feeling sort of disconnected from things.
@midnight_faerie go read about da vinci and being ambidextrous. it'll change your mind.

I can't stand working with child abusers, I just want to rescue my patients (the kids) from them.
@grammar_panda i know that feeling. sometimes you feel like the pain of the world is suffocating you. staying present is hard.

I feel disconnected. Yesterday, I composed a letter to be read at a funeral I could not attend and I could not share myself.
@Iko i'm sorry. i once wiped into a snowbank on the way to a boyfriend's funeral. i pulled up as everyone was leaving the church. agony.

What's wrong? There aren't enough caring people like you in the world.
@kristinwrites there's you and there's me and there's everybody here. it's something.

..and he somehow still thinks I'll take him back.
@Mattwyllie ouch. that sound like an excellent relationship to stay the fuck away from forever.

tell me what isn't wrong
@spoofyboo what ISN'T wrong? look out your window at anything that isn't human. that's pretty ok.

I miss the freaks I worked with, I miss the artists and the fawn girls and the husband who is on a ship. Few weirdos in Japan.
@Losile i felt that way when i was in japan. even the subculture has a nasty hierarchy, and rules. i felt like an alien.

Im starting a band but I am pretty fkng neurotic. I dont want to rape this by totally sucking. My choice of words is charming.
@cardinaleyes ...but i know what you mean. one word of advice: listen to everybody else. like, really really listen. it works.

I have a secret that can't stay hidden forever. I am scared of the reaction I'll get when I inevitably have to reveal it.
@insignifikunt no time like the present.

I'm 23, and feel as though I'm stuck in a horrible cycle, which has ultimately made life increasingly depressing as of late.
@xShaNINx there is almost nothing that you can't walk away from. your mind hangs onto a lot.

And due to my mom being a horrible woman, along with forcibly estranging me from her side, I can't see my baby sister. She's 3
@Totz_the_Plaid oh, man. that blows. i'm sorry.

I really appreciate the advice, btw. It has been seriously scary.
@TheSarahBiz you're welcome. i like it when the internetz becomes warm. i feel lonely and weird tonight.

Amanda says:
heading off to bed. glad to be away from comic-con. might ask hyla from @hairmachine to take my place at the #wanderlust gig tomorrow.

Amanda says:
i love all you guys. whatever's wrong tonight, it'll change by tomorrow, for better or worse. sleep well, be safe, feel not alone. xxzzzz
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Thanks for doing this, I hate using twitter!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
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Amanda did another twitter Q&A yesterday. I'll compile the new one tomorrow, unless someone else wants to do it today :)
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Amanda did another twitter Q&A yesterday. I'll compile the new one tomorrow, unless someone else wants to do it today :)

Darn, I was online, like, all day yday :buck2: aww... mebbe next time
This is a wonderful thread. Thanks Hayley! :)
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ASK AMANDA Q&A: The "It's Been Awhile" Edition Monday September 28, 2009

Amanda Says:
i haven't done a twitter Q&A for a while. hit me.

We've been wondering why you always cover up the brand name on your keyboard?
@mejakubik it's not so much about covering up the brand as as it is loving kurt weill. guitar players traditionally do that with amps.

when will you do a tour in england?
@MagdaPowerTrap i think i'll be touring in the UK again this spring with the Evelyn sisters.

When are we going to receive the personalized AFP DVD's?
@hom0milk the webcast DVDs will be getting mailed out in about 7 days, god willing, they got waylayed in a cross-continental SNAFU

What's your favorite city in the world and why?
@kristenmchugh22 melbourne. perfect everything: people, weather, food, art.

where do you get all of your stockings/socks/tights?
@fusionofme i'm a big fan of, you can pretty much find everything you need there.

Is there ever going to be a way for us in the US to be able to see @neilhimself's silent movie?
@cyndaelle i am hoping that @neilhimself's silent movie will find it's way online shortly after getting aired on sky tv (this x-mas)

how did you and Jason meet the Evelyn sisters anyway? Also, I love you, but that's not a question.
@neilhimself aw. @jasonwebley & found the Evelyn sisters online. someone sent me a link to their myspace page. they had posted a...

Amanda Says:
...ukulele cover of the overture from "jesus christ superstar" and i was sold. so was jason. (i love you too).

I'm part of a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast. What would you would think about me using Oasis as a pre-show performance?
@moon_boots i think that would be awesome.

will you ever come to Atlanta?!?
@AmyEllisRevolt dude. drive to chapel hill or knoxville.

Any chance you might add a DC tour date?
@Vixxenkiss falls church, VA, is basically in DC. come to that one.

What are your thoughts on Warped Tour?
@androgynous_boy you know, i was invited to play warped tour last year and turned it down. i've never been. but with a band, i might.

Will you ever tour South America??? I've lived in Peru for the last 2 yrs and would love to see you again! You have fans here!
@amylimena i would love to. @neilhimself and i have talked about going together, since he's a SEX SYMBOL there.

Also, where did you get your uke from? I want one. Kinda.
@strickenlament i bought my ukulele for $19.95 in daddy's junky music in boston, MA. still haven't changed the strings.

do you wear perfume? any recommendations?
@siren223 hell yes. go visit black phoenix alchemy lab.

how would you go about dealing w/ a borderline neurotic roommate?
@Rickola1 i once had to do that. i just moved the fuck out. pointless to fight.

what book are you loving at the moment? :)
@witicoos i'm currently reading "fathers" by herbert gold (@arigoldfilms's dad). it's wonderful.

when is the last time you drew something?
@sylviaaa_k the last time i DREW a while ago. it was in russia. i made a drawing of the evelyn twins.

for those who aren't in the HOB crowd, will you be selling tickets for your party on new year's eve?
@quidnescias oh hell yes. as soon as new years tickets are on sale, you'll know.

what is your favourite BPAL *EXCLUDING* your own line?
@minimal23 i love the BPAL cathouse spray. it's for houses, but i use it on me.

And one other question: How did the Dresden Dolls manage to open for Nine Inch Nails? Who contacted who, etc
@Trentskers trent reznor saw our video for "girl anachronism" online and loved it. his management emailed us for the tour.

whatever happened to my mixing bowl from when you played at the TLA in philly last year. silly question, i know.
@TeAnarchy chances are your mixing bowl ended up living forever at the TLA. maybe i'll find it on this next tour. i'm playing there again.

QUESTION, @killhannah's new album (that you kick ass on) is out tomorrow. Will you tweet about it's release?
@dravenreborn i will indeed. HEY EVERYBODY: @killhannah's record comes out tomorrow and i sing on it. (& i'll remind you tomorrow).

  Should you stick to art forms you know, or try everything even if you lack talent?
@adonisinfurs i think artists should try to stretch themselves into other areas outside their forte as much as they feel the impulse to.

Amanda Says:
there are no rules

Which famous person would you like to play in a biopic?
@KarinAvital i'd love to play mae west.

As a teenager, growing up, who were your idols?
@hollowpromisesx teenage heroes in chron. order: prince, cyndi lauper, robert smith (the cure), edward ka-spel (legendary pink dots).

What's your favourite thing about being a musician?
@skwyd42 my favorite thing about being a musician changes. lately: having the liberty to talk to anyone i want.

Removed by user
@GooseHonk i love and collect them. make sure to post it on the forum (

Why the Roadrunner deal? I never understood that one.
@nggalai why i signed with roadrunner is a good (long) story and i will tell it soon in a long blog.

Amanda Says:

have you ever read Weetzie Bat? if not... Francesca Lia Block is an top-notch awesome YA author.
@gavia1 yes! i read Weetzie Bat long ago. love FLB.

What is the best venue you've played in? Was it the best because of acoustics, attitude, architecture, audience...?
@rocketrobby i really love the great american music hall in san francisco. great everything. stubb's, in austin, also primo.

If you're too many drinks deep at a bar and confronted with a jukebox with every song ever... what one song do you pick?
@pwopah would depend on whether i was too drunk to dance. but probably something by the cure or the smiths.

Ok I'll ask it. You guys gonna get hitched? :)
@AbahJake i will only marry @neilhimself when he can provide me with an adequate number of nigerian dwarf goats. (that's a lot of goats.)

Account locked by user
@millarca yes. i will be your fucking friend. END OF Q&A, RESUMING REAL LIFE/. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx afp
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Removed by user
@GooseHonk i love and collect them. make sure to post it on the forum (
This was a question about fan parodies of her songs and how she feels about them.

Thanks again for compiling, Hayley!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on September 30, 2009, 01:00:24 PM
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@GooseHonk i love and collect them. make sure to post it on the forum (
This was a question about fan parodies of her songs and how she feels about them.

Thanks again for compiling, Hayley!

No problem!

Thanks for the context tip for the missing Q! :)
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ASK AMANDA Q&A: Break from Unpacking & Cleaning her Apartment - Saturday October 3, 2009

Amanda Says:
taking a break for a twitter Q&A and a beer. hit me. i'm feeling bizarre.

What kind of beer?
@Eviey harpoon IPA, baby

Can you fit your entire fist in your mouth?
@newageamazon no, i can't. i've got a HUGE mouth but my hands are also man-sized. what you gonna do.

How did you ukulele gig in Dublin airport go? I was regretfully nowhere near the airport. Am playing ukulele now, though
@stephen_normal that ukulele ninja gig in dublin was a theoretical one in my head. :)

how bad did that diaper smell?
@Kathleeniee you know, the diaper didnt' smell. i think it was only a pee diaper.

who's your favorite breakfast club character/why?
@norarebecca fucking john bender. i wanted to marry him when i was like 9.

have you seen this yet? my sister and i made it.
@emilysnaps i just watched some of it, thank you.... it's great. i miss the sound of the audience, though....

You always have to travel on the cheap. What was the most uncomfortable place you slept in the past year?
@Estrella_Mar the most uncomfortable place you slept in the past year?) paris. slept on a cushionless couch because jeff got the cushions.

When do you think you think you'll be in Australia again?
@JamieWrites i'm coming to australia for most of february and a little more.

You get one superpower. What would it be?
@pineapple55 (pick one superpower) i would love to be able to make people be brutally honest. like, turth serum from my laser beam.

what's your favorite crayola crayon color?
@trouble1130 burnt sienna. i just like saying it.

do you think you'll collaborate with writers on more books in the future? Any plans to do any prose writing yourself?
@sharpest_rose yes...i think at some point in the next few years i should sit my ass down and write a proper book. fuck this twitter shit.

Q&A huh? Ok...How does it feel to have such a seemingly public relationship?
@phenger good question. you know, @neilhimself & i both live in public, so it isn't too weird. but there's a LOT we don't share.

would you consider a duet with Peaches if the oppurtunity arose?
@go_maze HA. i've actually already done a little schtick with peaches. she sang "war pigs" with us long ago:

Amanda Says:
@go_maze she also sang me happy birthday in yiddish. but you'll have to dig for that one.

Do you come into keepsakes frequently on tour? (From fans, venue, etc) does anything particular come to mind?
@Kerr1ck i pick up so much on tour it's ridic. that's why cleaning&unpacking is such a trip. sometimes i have 5 boxes of unsorted flotsam.

Are you going to be at SXSW this year?
@squidella nope, i won't be at SXSW. i'll be in new zealand around then, i think.

are you happy?
@Snaaa yes. i am happy. are you happy?

Anyplans to come back to Texas in the near future?? And, I vote iPhone the best phone, what do you think??
@tracie_mae currently using a google phone (got it for free) and an iPhone to see which i like better. tough call. typing on iPhone BLOWS.

What's the best bit about being back in Boston?
@stallionbreaker honestly, best part of being back in boston is having a routine & sense of stopping. plus daily yoga down the street.

What's your opinion, as an artist, on this business? ...seriously.
@EvanHurst ick. hadn't heard of it and just scanned it briefly but the graphics are terrible and it looks idiotic.

What's the last movie you watched?
@Kinky_Turtle watched "the hangover" & "rataouille" on the plane home. the first was funny, but not life-changing. the latter made me cry.

Amanda Says:

How many questions a minute do you get during these Q&As?
@Gogocasey02 i've been getting more questions than i can read, if that answers your question :) you can do a search in tweetdeck & check.

How do you find time to digest new music when making your own? I feel guilty that I'm consuming less as I'm out playing more.
@krisis that's really common. i BARELY listen to new music, only a small fraction of what i used to. i don't feel guilty about it anymore.

or ... what's yer fave CURE album?
@erenshmerin favorite cure album....toss up between boys don't cry and disintegration. seventeen seconds & faith as a pair are also godly.

How goes getting dropped?
@BurlyQEinstein getting dropped goes slow & painful but possibly good news around the corner. it kills me to not be able to talk about it.

Amanda Says:
all right. i'm going back to my epic cleaning party. xxxxxxxxxxa
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Post by: lentower on October 19, 2009, 09:47:19 PM
if amanda followed

it would make more entries to this thread easier
(assuming i understand how twitoaster works ... ; - )
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on November 05, 2009, 09:25:20 PM
ASK AMANDA Q&A: One Very Jetlagged Amanda Has Some Time To Spare Before a Gig- Monday November 2, 2009

Amanda Says:
just found out the gig information was wrong & i'm an hour ahead of schedule. which means i'm in full-make up in my apartment, in silence.

Amanda Says:
i am too fucking jetlagged to do anything remotely productive in my apartment, so i will do a twitter Q&A. hit me.

Amanda Says:
please RT: due to jetlag/misinformation/ignorance of daylight savings/braindeadness, AFP is doing a live twitter Q&A right NOW

What was the last song/album you've listened to?
@gennyLinn the last album i listened to was "sainthood" (by @theteganandsara), while jogging in singapore two days ago

When will you visit Belgium again?The last time I saw you was with The Dresden Dolls @ Pukkelpop, good times!
@stefstick i'm hopefully going to do another european tour sometime next year.

perfect pizza?
@solarpowerspork perfect pizza = thin crust, fresh sauce, broccoli, pineapple

What's your greatest fear?
@juliansharifi i have a bizarre fear of drowning

What is your favorite work of @neilhimself?
@robozippy i've only put a dent in @neilhimself's huge collection of writing, but so far my fav is "smoke and mirrors", his short stories

do you really like My Little Pony?
@uzhasno actually no. of all the ponies out there, my little pony is my least favorite. they freak me out. i like more REALISTIC ponies.

when are you coming to Brazil?
@pistelias neil and i have talked about trying to come to brazil together, since he's huge down there. keep fingers crossed not sure when.

Did you do much theater when you were in college?
@BrassyCassy actually i avoided the theater department in college, mostly because i was rejected early on and felt out of place there.

Brecht or Weill?
@FenlandGent brecht AND weill. on their own each not as good. very lennon/mccartney situation in my opinion. they balanced each other.

how do you deal with being sad?
@ngonzales the only way to deal with being sad is to let yourself be as sad as you need to be. if you fight it, you stay there.

dear amanda, how was the sushi?
@tidal_wave the sushi was...C+ sushi.

do you ever yell or scream at people who make you angry? i just did and would feel alot better if you do too.
@hollyroxy i really try not to. i think the last person i screamed at was brian, years ago, when i lost my temper. not good, ever ever.

when are you coming back to Australia? I missed out last time x(
@kaelee i'm coming to australia in february for a few months. at least that's the plan.

If one were a complete newbie with your music, what should one start with? Assume one is un-cool and needs a gateway CD
@onesockshort if you're totally new, i would start with Who Killed Amanda Palmer, then get the first dolls CD (self-titled).

amanda, why didn't you go to hk on your asian trip?? i don't live there now, but still have friends who are DYING to see you
@discoballs actually, after my visit to singapore i'm now dying to get to hong kong. @meowtopia is always raving about her shows there

how easy (or hard!) is it to meet you before/after concerts?
@sarahnade_me it's 98% easy to meet me after a show, since i almost always sign. you just need to be ready to hang out & wait.

what was the most disturbing thing you ate on your trip?
@lovehound HA. well, the most disturbing foods in china were the steamed chicken feet and various testicles. but i avoided them....

Amanda says:
..i DID order a vegetarian "mock" pig intestine. which tasted, unsurprisingly, like tofu. we were often guests, there was much bizarre food.

(question removed by user)
@mistressmousey the corset i'm currently sporting is from in san fran. i'm an 8.

what's your favourite Bowie song?
@sourceamnesia space oddity.

you recommended "the end of Mr. Y" on myspace....excellent read....any other recs?
@IF44 if you wander over to my myspace i always have a few recommended books. right now i'd recommend anything by paul auster.

Have you considered collabing with the Tiger Lillies? I think it would be awesome.
@karohemd funny. i actually saw and hung out with the tiger lillies in scotland in august. we might try to double-team a show in russia.

Do you have a favorite place in the world? If so, where?
@EnglishNerd i have two favorite cities: new york and melbourne.

Do you get along with Cabal and vice versa? Do you like him? Does he see you as part of the Gaiman Gaggle now?
@gevmage according to @neilhimself, cabal has taken an official liking to me, since he does not bark like mad when i hug his master.

do you like Pink Floyd? What is your favorite album?
@FaraStar love pink floyd. the wall, over everything else by FAR. hugely formative record & film for me as a teenager.

I read an interview (in @coilhouse) where Margaret Cho said she thinks beauty is a decision. Does that resonate with you?
@vonvolkova i think saying "beauty is a decision" is very wise. then again, @margaretcho is a very wise woman.

Turn the world into a nudist colony. Yay or nay?
@pugaroo no. if we turned the world into a nudist colony suddenly, all the poor men would live in fear of their unwanted visible erections.

where did you first meet @neilhimself?
@FaraStar i was e-intorduced by my good friend @jasonwebley to @neilhimself, who had found jason through this clip:


as an artist very much involved in the digital revolution, what online tools do you prioritize your time on besides twitter?
@KennethMBBC i restrict most of my iphone/mac time to twitter & email. i also check in on & scan myspace, blogs & youtube.

What are you reading right now?
@ShannonXL right now i'm reading "singapore, a biography". gorgeous cover artwork, too.

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Do you have to draw your (awesome!) eyebrows on every day, or are they tattooed? I've always wondered about that.
@callista they are drawn on. go watch the girl anachronism video for a visual.

Do you have a comfort food?
@LaurenMaeO @kevdog wow, practically the same question BAM BAM. probably a nice fattening salmon benedict. with shrimp pad thai on top.

Newb here, will be seeing you for 1st time in Philly. What can I expect to c as far as playlist? Dresden Dolls, AP, new stuff?
@DynamiteKidd on tour lately i've been playing a combo of dolls songs, AFP songs, covers and chatting endlessly

Any update on the label war? Is this delaying the release of new material? (or will it?)
@gregorymatthew the label war is looking good, actually. stay tuned. it's been fucking dragging on forever. i'm so sick of it.

if a giant asteroid was headed towards earth, what would you do?
@squidwizard how much time did i have before the asteroid hit?

will you be coming back to tasmania next year? :D
@megbriant i will almost definitely hit tasmania while in oz this year. i just need to find a much better venue. :)

And what do you know about Visigoth culture?
@ShannonXL i tend to run screaming from anything involving the g word

I wrote a song about you. What's the best way to send it to you?
@MikeDiGrande you should send anything like that to art at amandapalmer dot net

When do you intend on releasing a new album?
@Cillinface the next album i'm involved with is coming out this spring. it's the Evelyn Evelyn record i co-produced with @jasonwebley.

List of recommended things to do in Boston? I live here now and you'd probably know a ton of cool stuff. <3
@MissxSpookiness the holy trinity: cafe pamplona, cafe algiers, caffe vittoria. good luck. bring a book.

have you ever read 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower'? Amazing book.
@aaalex555 yep, read it and liked it. didn't LOVE it. but really liked it.

may i suggest a new artist to you? thao with the get down stay down. her debut "we brave beestings and all" is stellar
@nicholsbp listening to her on myspace right now. sounds really nice. thanks for the recommendation.

Making a list of places I have never done an author visit: Russia. Turkey. India. Most of Eastern Europe. Greece. Mexico. Any suggestions? (note: Neil did not tweet this to Amanda she just replied to his general question in the middle of her twitter Q&A)
@neilhimself moon, please, but just for a quick visit.

is there any chance of you ever doing a studio recording of Breakfast Summit?
@janarrah that song never felt quite real, so chances are i'll never re-record it. never know though. sometimes i think i'd like to spend-

Amanda says:
-a week and just record all of my not-so-good-and-unloved songs and put them out of a 100-song USB stick.

oh, and I'd love to hear you work with Nick Cave. (:
@Cillinface i'm getting to INTERVIEW nick cave next month, re: his work on "the road" soundtrack. i'm so excited i could pee.

RE: asteroid - let's say we all had 3 days advance notice.
@squidwizard ok, three days before asteroid. i'd probably spend a lot of time walking around seeing what the rest of the world was doing..

Amanda says:
...and probably i'd head FIRST to the whole foods down the street and join in the looting.

when and why did you start drawing on your eyebrows?
@lilblackboxx i shaved them off for a marlene dietrich costume back in 2000. then i drew them in and liked it so much it stuck.

did you ever do the blog about body hair? I was thinking I had missed it...
@dreamijo i didn't. the body hair blog would be a good one. someday i'll get around to it. i could condense it here: BEAUTY STANDARD=FUCKED

Did you ever hear from Christopher Lydon, post success?
@hunterlionheart totally! christopher lydon heard about the song through various folks, took me out to dinner (!) & we still email.

Are there any songs you will no longer play?
@Blastosaurus some songs i just don't *like* playing live, since they're tricky (modern moonlight, the jeep song). by the way, i told...

Amanda says:
...neil about your comics and will show them off if i get a chance next time he's here. he'd like 'em.

Amanda says:

what's your favorite song from sainthood?
@iggy1110 i think "on directing" and "hell" are my favorites.

Sweet! You ever hear any of Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree's music? Awesome songwriter.
@hunterlionheart actually ran into the guys in porcupine tree in a boston bar once, and we realized we were on the same label in europe.

boxers or briefs?
@HellaRad boxerbriefs.


I'm 20 today, what changes?
@Hannah672 nothing changes that wouldn't be changing anyway. it's just a bullshit birthday. enjoy it!

Amanda says:
enjoy your evenings, wonderful twitterfolk. i'll send word about the gig. the jetlag wine cure!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on December 06, 2010, 10:10:35 PM

This time Amanda RT'd the original questions, so you can read her answers to see what was asked. AND twitter has changed since the last time I archived this, so this time it has allowed me to copy and paste her tweets from her feed, which saves A LOT OF time, let me tell you!
I've formatted the tweets a bit, but left the time markers so you can see the progression - this should be read from the bottom up

i love you. you all make me so happy. long live random twitter q&a. #Over&Out
17 minutes ago

never. only love. x RT @NotoriousTIMP just annoying to have to scroll through 30+ tweets while trying to read the others. No hard feelings?
18 minutes ago

drank it. RT @KwanTi Did you get to have any ofthe wine I left for you last night of EE in LA or did @southships & your merchgirl drink it?
20 minutes ago

nope, nothing planned. but expect ninja gig action RT @dalebaldwin Other than MONA are you doing any other gigs in Tasmania in January?
21 minutes ago

the dolls opened up for nine inch nails in mexico city, but that's it. i will come. RT @zesat1 have you ever tried to do a show in Mexico?
22 minutes ago

month-old menstrual blood from a sealed mason jar. art project. don't ask. RT @Justdusted what's the worst thing you have ever smelt?
23 minutes ago

hug or ignore them. RT @alicedunaway What do you do when someone makes it their goal to put you down?
24 minutes ago

the silence after takes. RT @UnionTreeReview What is the one thing you find most difficult about recording?
25 minutes ago

yes. RT @ThiinkBubble do you love me?
25 minutes ago

coober pedy, in australia. its underground & HOT. RT @AlecHosterman where is one place that you haven't visited yet that you want to go to?
26 minutes ago

in bed after the halloween @dresdendolls show in NYC. RT @Scarletinblue last time you cryed aloud like a little girl?
26 minutes ago

floss. RT @self_portrait Advice? ..... of any kind?
27 minutes ago

last call
27 minutes ago

twitter has no rules. RT @NotoriousTIMP Someone needs to teach @amandapalmer how to use Twitter correctly.... #annoyed
28 minutes ago

@whoaitslaur hellzyeah. it is my huge fucking fortune to have one of the most intelligent, hilarious, caring & hip fanbases on the planet.
29 minutes ago

yes. a lot. RT @pragmatiste does talking with us help?
33 minutes ago

almost definitely! RT @sarahejewell Any chance of Canberra being part of tour this time? My work doesn't recognise Australia/Invasion Day
33 minutes ago

you're awesome! surprise me. RT @bookgrrl What book do you want for your wallet? I'm still going to make you a replacement!
34 minutes ago

yes. i promise. college was my most lonely time by a factor of hundreds. wait. RT @lilblackboxx Will things get less lonely after college?
35 minutes ago

first record: rant n rave with the stray cats. first tape: prince...purple rain. RT @m0drnmoonlight What was the first album you bought?
37 minutes ago

i think im just tired & needed more of a break before the australian craziness started. RT @OnyxWitch why are you unhappy?
38 minutes ago

the bed song. RT @jamie311 What's your favorite song that you've written but haven't yet released on an album?
39 minutes ago

the oz/nz tour will announced SOONish. a week? ish. RT @jennybel75 Whe are you going to tell us the rest of your Australian tour dates?
39 minutes ago

that's like asking if people need each other. RT @MapTheMusic do you think fans and musicians need each other? feel better by the way!
41 minutes ago

salvador dali's mustache would take it RT @ThreePartJoke who would win in a fight between Hitler's mustache and Lincoln's beard?
44 minutes ago

fucking. for real. RT @KaysoDias what's your favorite word to say out loud?
49 minutes ago

the "how to shoot somebody" line, "hallelujah". always cry. RT @Forensicgirl83 lyrics that have affected you most over your life thus far?
49 minutes ago

totally into it. RT @ianlhayes How do you feel about the fact that you're going to die?
51 minutes ago

cabaret fairly rocked my world. & producing tristans record. RT @electricityska What is the most fulfilling venture you've been involved in?
52 minutes ago

thanks for asking. i'm really kind of unhappy and cold and slightly unhinged. how are you? RT @SirShainder How are you?
54 minutes ago

i accept change, do yoga, find friends & pour moar wine. RT @Ashii_ When you feel absolutely defeated,how you do you conquer the negativity?
55 minutes ago

very very rarely. i often need 3-4 years before I can go back to an album of my own. RT @x99karl how often do you listen to your own music?
57 minutes ago

i'd love to tend bar with both of them RT @CinfullyWicked Have you ever worked (or want to work) with Regina Spektor or Kate Miller-Heidke?
58 minutes ago

spend time alone in large open spaces. RT @lacedtight What do you wish you got to do more often?
59 minutes ago

i often fall into bodies of water & lose everything. RT @goldfishopinion Is there anything that recurs in your dreams w/out explanation?
1 hour ago

mozart, beatles, neutral milk hotel. RT @Aigner20 if you could organize your own music festival, what bands? Money and pulse do not matter.
1 hour ago

two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, many shirts and i'm STILL fucking freezing. #KillWinter RT @kisbest What are you wearing?
1 hour ago

no, but i can remind you to ignore the beauty standard. RT @ghostinmarble Can you teach me to be beautiful?
1 hour ago

i did! megan from secret service. hired her yesterday! RT @little_sparrows find an Australian publicist? I gave Pammi from GNW some names!
1 hour ago

soon. " goes down under", all australia/NZ themed, is out in jan/feb RT @jenntegt When is your next album coming out?
1 hour ago

are you kidding? i travel so much i cant even have a relatively non-commital cactus. RT @LadyGiallo do you have any pets?
1 hour ago

today ive had my duet with tristan (janos vs wonderland) stuck in there. RT @popplers What song do you have stuck in your head?
1 hour ago

honestly? neil has. RT @FebruaryStar02 Who has inspired you most in the past 5 years? (Anyone at all.)
1 hour ago

yes. yesterday and today, actually. RT @Javotron did you ever feel lack of growth as a musician? I love you btw
1 hour ago

i speak german fluently and relatively shit French. RT @liprincess1891 What languages other than English do you speak, if any?
1 hour ago

ask me something.
1 hour ago
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: meganpaige on December 06, 2010, 10:27:03 PM
TWITTER Q&A - December 6, 2010

honestly? neil has. RT @FebruaryStar02 Who has inspired you most in the past 5 years? (Anyone at all.)
1 hour ago

Yay, that's me! My favorite part was that it prompted a reply from Neil where he told her he loves her.

My favorite response was about the lyrics to Hallelujah. So great.

Thanks for archiving this, Hayley!
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: orlybee on April 27, 2011, 06:15:56 PM
i really hate the shit that amanda is putting out lately..feel let down i only became a fan a year or two ago.listened to everything that  she on her own did and dolls had done .taught she was a proper muscian ..have totally gone off her
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: lentower on August 28, 2011, 08:38:27 AM
i really hate the shit that amanda is putting out lately..feel let down i only became a fan a year or two ago.listened to everything that  she on her own did and dolls had done .taught she was a proper muscian ..have totally gone off her

the new songs amanda started playing on the June mini-tour,
and she is now playing on the Europe tour,
should be more to your liking

the album is still a ways in the future
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on December 28, 2011, 09:01:02 PM
Q&A From Down Under - December 26, 2011

Amanda Palmer
ask me anything.

Amanda Palmer
pot cookie, months ago. didn't agree with me at all. i'm allergic to pot nowadays RT @NixieQueta when was the last time you did/tried drugs?

Amanda Palmer
@ohrohin i think your parentheses answered your own question. you'll be fine. keep fucking writing.

Amanda Palmer
ooh good one. i think it was "risky business". still a classic. RT @a_willhoff what was the first rated R movie you ever saw?

Amanda Palmer
when i'm afraid. RT @queltica when do you find yourself being judgemental?

Amanda Palmer
wonderfully, thanks for asking. in melbourne on a sunnywarm day....procrastinating. (can't you tell?) RT @vessiot How's it going?

Amanda Palmer
the left hand of darkness, by ursula k leguin. recommended by my host, peter nicholls. RT @sanarose what's on your reading list right now?

Amanda Palmer
oh hell yes. sometimes awkward & weird. sometimes wonderfully sexy. RT @tjayres have you ever had a threesome?

Amanda Palmer
@haleynoir yes'm. cloves used to be my cigarette of choice before i quit (at 25). i used to carry two packs at once: cloves & sherman MCDs.

Amanda Palmer
tie. great american music hall, in san fran, or the forum in melbourne. or stubb's, in austin, TX. RT @Kat_Rose22 favorite venue to play at?

Amanda Palmer
for that, you're going to need to wait for the autobiography. RT @missmorganwho what about more than three?

Amanda Palmer
midnight in paris. last night. four times. RT @ChasingTheGhost What was the last film that made you cry?

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer
tender. RT @jaketeacher One word to describe @neilhimself

Amanda Palmer
many times. RT @slagfable wait, better question: have you ever cried during sex?

Amanda Palmer
what did the fish say when it swam into the wall? RT @HeDrankStars Best joke you've ever heard?

Amanda Palmer
DAM! RT @jaketeacher What did that fish that ran into the wall say?

Amanda Palmer
almost never. RT @electricityska Do you watch television?

Amanda Palmer
und, SCHLUSS! thanks for wonderful questions....i head into my work afternoon & practice day more openhearted. LOVE.

Retweeted by Amanda Palmer
@HeDrankStars @amandapalmer Three old ladies were sat on a bench. A stripper ran past. One had a stroke, the other two couldn't reach.
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on March 25, 2012, 09:49:07 PM
Q&A on a break from Recording - March 24, 2012

All quotes below from Amanda's twitter feed. This time around, she RT'd questions before answering them, so read the text after "RT" to see the question she is replying to.

ask me something

gaffer. always. stronger & easier to remove. RT @Morbidorable do you prefer duct tape or gaffer's tape?

yes. still on the mend but voice is mostly back. still have a bit of a cough. thanks for asking. RT @vessiot Feeling any better today?

funny you should ask. today or tomorrow, we attack it. RT @HailThePages have you recorded The Bed Song yet during these sessions?

with a passion. drinking a fine green tea in @amsterdamstreet café as we speak. RT @capeswish Do you like tea?

no. luckily, i think. RT @BurnettRM Did you read SANDMAN prior to meeting Neil?

dunno. 12? 14? 15 tops. RT @HailThePages how many songs are you thinking will make the album?

not from robert. but i didn't need one. RT @andrearosef did you ever get any response to your open letter to Robert Smith??

amadeus. wings of desire. santa sangre. murder by death. 32 short films about glen gould RT @jolenemeghan 5 movies that I should rent/find ?

the brand new one!  RT @Moonsweetie What is your favorite t-shirt in the Postwar Trade shop right now?

MOAR SYNTHESIZER. RT @wtfjohnnyboy how does this album differ from wkap?

about 11. RT @WeeCo how many songs on the record are new or haven't been heard before?

MY life? or ONE'S life? doesnt matter. answer = fuck no. RT @sodthemachine Is your life really as perfect as it often seems from the outset?

the hour-by-hour discovery/revelation of how talented/smart my band is RT @GallifreyGhost best thing in your life at this exact moment?

compared to the other big 3 i've made... its about an 8 or 9. RT @GDgirl80 on a scale of 1-10 how much fun is this album?


for everyone asking I I'm coming to Mexico/Vancouver/Indiana/etc/etc..the answer is probably YES, sometime in late 2012 or 2013. mega tour.

hmm...probably 3 or 4. RT @HayleyFiasco curious, how many of those 11 unheard new songs have a twitter sourced lyric?

oh FUCK yes. and with that - i go to cut vocals. i love you guys. xxxxxx RT @M_De_Witt are there any melancholy songs of those 11?

i couldn't resist answering this : it will be exactly 6.85 sad. RT @Laulawsky 1 to 10: how sad will the album be?
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 01, 2012, 07:43:11 PM
Q&A Before Amanda's stop-motion video shoot - March 31, 2012

All quotes below from Amanda's twitter feed except where noted. Amanda mostly RT'd questions before answering them, so read the text after "RT" to see the question she is replying to.

ask me something

i have no regrets. RT @chloelees What is your biggest regret?

really good. very slightly hungover and still high from finishing the record. thanks for asking. RT @P_Dubs How are you?

i don't know if i do. RT @TURBOCUNT how do you keep all the fame and fan adoration from going to your head?

i'm eating it right now. mexican poached eggs. lots of avacado going on.  RT @wekneweachother What was your last meal?

i leave this weekend. i will miss it a lot. RT @derrangedferret how much longer are you in Australia?

i'm looking at it. here's a picture. RT @Fushigifox what is something that you saw today that was absolutely beautiful

i feel awesome about them. watch this:… RT @herpaderphowie how do you feel about illegal downloads, torrents, etc?

i'm a big fan of the shining. RT @kiahpierson what's your favorite horror or scifi movie?

@amandapalmer when you perform, are you just looking at the crowd right in front? Do you even notice people in wheelchair viewing areas?
 reason for asking is I really miss not being on front rail & being relegated to disabled areas now. Don't feel part of a show.

Amanda's reply:
@techiebabe I always try to see everybody. wheelchair folks are hard to miss - I wouldn't worry about it :)

@amandapalmer thank you for answering. It's hard to feel part of a show if you're not on the rail at the front, but I have no choice anymore

Amanda's reply:
@techiebabe embrace the change. xxx

easy! @miyassushi. in new haven. it's heaven. RT @thrynkat Where is your favorite place in the world to get sushi?

@amandapalmer did you know that i love you?

Amanda's reply:
@chlosephine_ I do now

i try to pick the interesting ones. but there's no real system. RT @vtraddict how do you decide which of these questions to answer?

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK!!!!!! RT @BstiNatosi what are today's socks?

last night i hugged about 13 people...let's see if i can list them all... RT @MollyRobison Who is the last person you hugged?

#lastnightIhugged @meowtopia @tomdickins @angedevery @cookinwithgoths @radchaines @quilken @_saintclare_ @middleearthguy and probably more.

AMAZING!! i have now! RT @Virgin_Stitch did you ever receive the picture you asked me to send you (from Christchurch)?

this is my favorite ninja gig photo ever taken ever.

@amandapalmer will you love me forever???

Amanda's reply:
@tasterofink yes

beatles. RT @supdegrave The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?


in my room. RT @THEcorinashley favorite Yaz song?

some songs I absolutely love. RT @HailThePages are you a fan of Fiona Apple's? never heard you discuss her before.

yep. broke my wrist when i was 7. and my foot when i was 33 (thanks, belfast). RT @Ailsa_J_L ever broken a bone? #curious

ooh good one. i was a senior in high school. so probably 18. RT @CarolinaIraola age of your first girl on girl kiss?

squeezing other peoples zits? RT @allypinion What is something most people find odd that you absolutely love?

in brief: embracing free content. RT @ccmcloughlin What trends does the music industry need to embrace in order to survive?

sure. RT @SkyeX Will you open your Moleskine to a random page and show us what you find?

next to @neilhimself. RT @kateweb Where's your favourite place to sleep?

fucking love you guys. off to shoot video. xxxxxxx
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
Post by: Hayley Fiasco! on April 29, 2012, 12:42:37 AM
Q&A Amanda taking a break from work - April 26, 2012

All quotes below from Amanda's twitter feed except where noted. Amanda mostly RT'd questions before answering them, so read the text after "RT" to see the question she is replying to.

ask me something

not sure. at Some Point. RT @eaglejm when will Evening With ... be available to those realizing too late about the kickstarter release?

yes. june in with weird little shows. september with great big ones. RT @_serenefire Do you know when you'll start touring?

...when we launch the album @kickstarter in a few days, we'll also be announcing the first leg of touring. in teeny clubs.

hm. melbourne, i think. and the coffee there. RT @brogangood What have you felt the most nostalgic about lately?(--:

i think rethink should have been free for working musicians. RT @whiskeyandmusic what were your impressions of the Rethink Music conference?

wayhappy. @tristanmmallen threw an electronic music party in our house last night RT @bexpigs are you happy to be home?Is it nice in boston?

i have to be in _seriously_ the right mood to enjoy it. but, yes. RT @YRUwhite are you into anal?

about to finish "wild" by @cherylstrayed. its AMAZING RT @SheikYurbouti Serious-ish question, what are you reading now/lately?

absofukinglutely. RT @rinpalmer Have you ever experienced creative jealousy? That "I wish I thought of that first, I hate her" thing?

news to me. i'll look into it... RT @texistential Thoughts on Roadrunner's closing announcement in Europe?

always. RT @heyitsjacy can I hug you when I meet you

pretty fucking great. RT @LaniLaniDuck How fucking great is this album going to be?

makegoodmusictouralottalktoanybodybenicedontwhinehydra testayhonestdontconpromise RT @jocularfowl Could sum up "how you made it" in 1 tweet?

I KNOW. RT @amaranthinegirl Melbourne has the BEST flat whites! No one in America knows how to make them correctly (much to my dismay).

lately, the bed song. its on the new record. RT @StripeyPlum Which one of your songs are you the most proud of?

i've got touring sketched out til fall of 2013. RT @2zen2 how far in advance is your schedule planned out?

our house. it's made of magic. RT @danajaybein What's your favorite part of Boston?


hive mind! go to it. RT @celticorca I'm new to @amandapalmer any suggestions for an album to start with?

its australian for an espresso with milk. latte-ish but stronger. RT @TroubleUnawares what's a flat white?

disintegration, or three imaginary boys, or seventeen seconds on tape with faith on the flip side. RT @fuckclevernames Favourite Cure album?

bought the record in NZ and listened on a drive. kinda got bored. RT @Weston_Verd how do you feel about Florence and the machine ?

yes. well...not in person. it's fucking amazing. RT @Sam_Strange Have you ever watched Chico Marx play the piano?

wrapping up this picnic, my friends. back to a day of wokworkwprkqorkwork. next week is going to bring some epicness. be prepared.
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Twitter Q&A: What is Art? Interview for Amanda's art book May 26, 2012:

i totally forgot i promised to include an interview in the art book. fuck. the text is due tonight. you guys wanna interview me about art?
WARNING/DISCLAIMER: if I answer your question, it will be IN PRINT INA  BOOK FOR EVER. so if you ask something stupid...posterity. etc.

@JustJon: What is your definition of art?
I think Art is honestly Art once you anybody calls it Art. Really Truly. Cooking is Art. Knife is Art. Sink is Art. Sandwich itself, Art.

@ianlafo: Do the doodles I make in boring meetings count as art?
fuck yes. doodles are obvious Art. and you'll have an easier time convincing someone of that than trying to convince them aboutthe sandwich

@gajjex: how do you define what makes an artist?
i think that answer is exactly like the Art answer. anyone can call themselves "an Artist". i know some some Artists who fail miserably at
actually ever making anything THEY call Art. and i know some people who don't call themselves Artists who make all Art all day long.

@DeliriumFishies: What is your favorite art movement?
im a big fan of the situationists. google them, they'd be really happy about that (even though all the founders are dead). i've had a poster
above my piano for many years on which i drew the situation slogan "VIVEZ SANS TEMPS MORT" = "LIVE WITHOUT DEAD TIME".

‏@PCV64: could communication be art?
HA HA!!!! ART is COMMUNICATION is ART! START AND END OF STORY TOTALLY. twitter is art. i've been practicing making twitter art for 4 years.

@LordReblik: Why do you think people make art?
i think people make Art because they Can and therefore Must. i think Art heals deep wounds inside that are otherwise un-healable and helps
everybody - Artist and Audience alike -see the world outside of the realm of practical survival/ getting to death as painlessly as possible.
Art is Food for the Human Soul. without it we starve and die.

@HayleyFiasco: is there such a thing as Art that is more harmful than beneficial?
no. all art must, must, must be allowed to manifest and exist whether or not you think it's "good" or "bad" or "politically incorrect".

@PhuckYou_: Some people consider certain forms of art superior to others. Do you agree? example: music > designing paper clip figurines.
fuck those people.

‏@neilhimself: How do you cope with times when you like the artist but don't like their art, or like the art but dislike the artist?
i've learned more and more to separate the Artist from the Art. but mostly i have to admit: i can't do it. it's why I've gone out of my way
to avoid meeting some of my art-heroes (like morrissey). I don't want to poison my experience of their Art with the possibility
that their personality will influence me. and every time this subject comes up, it always come back to the fact that Wagner was a Nazi.

@gapingvoid: did you ever read Lipstick Traces, by Greil Marcus? One if my favorite books. Lettrists, situationists etc.
yes. i actually had to read for SCHOOL - for a class on performance art. it changed me forever. fantastic book. art bible.

@amandapalmer: LAST CALL

‏@amandapalmer: GREAT IDEA!! make a special link! RT @HayleyFiasco May I suggest that when you're done, ppl head over to to continue?

@SatanInSingSing: do you have a favorite piece of art that you have made?
well, there's music. but in the visual art realm...i have a few. i'm really proud of a sketch I once did when I was about 18 of
a sculpture of cleopatra. i sat there for 3 days to draw it just to see if i could get it right. a lot of my relationship to visual art has
been about making sure i COULD DO it but not really WANTING TO. i don't have the patience usually to sit there for 5 hours to draw something
maybe i'll take a picture of it and put it in this book. why not? it's my book.

@LeahJaclyn: do you think that the artists intent or the audiences interpretation of art is more important?
i think the intent of the Artist can and should be appreciated, and it often helps the audience think and feel MORE about the Art. BUT
one a piece of Art leaves the Artist and goes out Into The World - it's not longer theirs. it belongs to the world, and people can and will
interpret things however they want. the Artist has no true ownership of the interpretation of their Art...only over the act of Creating.

@jocularfowl: Have you ever regretted any art you've made?
no. never. not once.

‏@amandapalmer: #ENDTRANSMISSION

@amandapalmer: UPDATE @jocularfowl i said i've never regretting making a piece of art. well, that's a lie. i've had my weak moments. but they never stick.

@amandapalmer: all these people: @gajjex @ianlafo @DeliriumFishies @JustJon @jocularfowl @LeahJaclyn @SatanInSingSing @gapingvoid @neilhimself (more...)
and.... @PhuckYou_ @HayleyFiasco @PCV64 @LordReblik you're all going to be in the ART BOOK. thank you for your questions. you fucking rock.
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Twitter Q&A: On the train to New York for a Press Day July 26, 2012:

on the train from boston to NYC to do a day of press on not enough sleep. before i nap....ask me anything.

yes. half jack. RT @FelixMarques Is there any past song you'd like to have shot a video for?

late at night. on the train. in my dreams. lately...rarely ever. RT @Rawrshock When do you ever get quiet time? :)

i'm devouring "moonwalking with einstein" by josh foer. its AMAZING. A++ read. RT @carriestienen what book(s) are you reading right now?

aww. thank you. RT @EladrialSKeksIs no questions from me. Just wishes for a safe and fun journey.

everything. non. rien de rien. je ne regrette rien. RT @opheliamlet what WOULDN'T you change about the past? doesn't have to be personal.

"do you really love me?" RT @redvelvettears ask you anything? Sum up your life/views on it in 5 words or less.

HA. no, i didn't. RT @1709gonzo did you get all the paint off?

no. is it good? RT @LadyCyanide Have you heard Emilie Autumns new album?

i'm 50 shades of stoked dude RT @sptmusic how stoked are you to come to Bard this year?! WE ARE THE MOST STOKED. #campusisfreakingout

curled in a ball in a warm bed with @neilhimself. RT @Sarah_Spoosh If you could be anywhere, with anyone, doing anything right this moment..

train, always. RT @Alessalot what is your favourite way to travel? Plane, train, canoe?

be nice. RT @Berrybrooke Whats one thing you think everyone should do?

remember you're far from alone. RT @davidmanly Advice to those struggling with life and work?

LUGE!!!!!!!! RT @heatherlike You suddenly have to fill in for an athlete next week. What sport?

yep. RT @KaH_was_taken you were worried in melbs that you'd keep running out of breath performing all the new songs live. still a concern?

last call

cortado or strong flat white. RT @grkjf Cortado, cafe au lait or flat white?

i keep joey, my cabbage patch kid, stuffed between books RT @LoraxCeci do you have a stuffed animal from your childhood that you still keep?

thank you beautiful people. beautiful questions. xxxzzzxzzzzzzzxxx
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Twitter Q&A: October 2, 2012:

ask me anything

it's a tie. new york and melbourne. RT @RebeccaAmyTodd What's your favourite city in the world?

how is it not possible? RT @aflyingkiwi how is it possible to bare so much of yourself in front of so many people?

i thought he seemed sad. RT @TheMRipley What did you first think of Neil when you met him?

i'd just hug him, invited or not. RT @joshmacl what would you say to Steve albini if you met him in person

yes. RT @castleruins do you ever get just too tired?

right here. RT @Estrella_Mar Where do you find your joy?

spent. unwashed. on a plane from Seattle to Minny. saw jason. about to see neil. friend-husband love sandwich. RT @cmg0nz0 How are you?

deliberate wordplay. I love that song. RT @_lisapearl_ first word of "from st. kilda"...noun or command verb? it's an important distinction.

helllllllllllllllll no RT @eyedisco do you want to be a movie star?

last call

big science. RT @TheMeatFarm Favorite Laurie Anderson album?

heavenly. like humankind love manifest. RT @quickliftzwick How's it feel to crowd surf?

neil's arms. RT @NoirX Where's your favorite place to sleep?

yeah. RT @VictoriaPyrrhi It's all worth it, yeah?

thank you for patience. RT @allysonivy Yay! Kickstarter order has finally shipped. Vinyl is worth the wait, but I was starting to get antsy.

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Twitter Q&A: Drunk On The Tour Bus October 30, 2012:

ask me anything. i am drunk and just attended a 4-hr marathon dance party on the tour bus through switzerland. #LoveAutoCorrext

yes. RT @twinysam: @amandapalmer Have you ever drunk dialed someone and regretted it the next morning/late afternoon?

soooooooon RT @straintest: @amandapalmer When is the Do It With A Rock Star video coming out??

give nick drake a try RT @TheKingOfMars Other than your music, what should be playing on my iPod?

yay!! hug her for me RT @nonethericher I'm seeing Lady Lamb on Friday night in Chicago. I'm so excited, but I have no one to share it with.

yes. but you need to be compassionate RT @zoembie Can deconstructing someone be part of loving them?

only with my sister. RT @ericaeveritt have you ever gotten into a full blown physical fight?

YES RT @LylahExperiment: @amandapalmer have you ever drunk dialed someone and NOT regretted it the next morning/late afternoon?

hie humanness RT @allisonhenle When you first met Neil Gaiman, what about him attracted you the most?

when i was 26. RT @t_s_geisel When was the last time you had your nature-made eyebrows?

absolutely. RT @MrStephenPike do you think its ok to like an "artist" because of their personality rather than their art?

evita. RT @bstorer13 favorite musical?

morrissey. RT @TheSocialHQ: who is the one Big time artist you would NOT do a song with

yes. RT @MrStephenPike: @amandapalmer Are we allowed to feign indifference?

yes, but don't rely on it for tuition RT @MarisaRoss3 would you recommend busking for a broke ass student to try to get through art school?

you. RT @LittleBlueBox10: @amandapalmer Your favorite favorite thing in the whole wide world?

uncomfortable. RT @bricuri0us: @amandapalmer What are your thoughts on socks with individual toes?

...REALLY? RT @kamihere if God was on twitter, what do you think he'd tweet now?

didapponting film. RT @BitchOuttaOrder Thoughts on Madonna as Evita?

face it head on RT @SavannahMEvans: how do you battle fear?

no. RT @mshamah would you ever tattoo your eyebrows?

no. RT @_serenefire Do you ever get annoyed by all the questions about your eyebrows?

Leonard cohen. RT @carlhannah: @amandapalmer Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan?

seriously? you're going to die. who will care then?? RT @JAllynWillow tips for feeling less self-conscious about not shaving?

remember it's all temporary. RT @Cheesequake any advice for the painfully shy and lonely?

no. RT @thepixiepinup: @amandapalmer do you regret getting signed to a major label?

being ignored. RT @pigglesby what, if anything, do you fear?

no. none. RT @Kristi_Klein Any regrets?

yes. RT @lacedtight At this moment, are you happy?


i definitely feel stubborn RT @whiskeymammoth Do you feel like a true Taurus?

klaus nomi. RT @gailmoulden: @amandapalmer who's on your tour corset?

if you want to be like me, you're already on the wrong path. better idea to be like you. RT @thekillingtype how can I become more like you?

sleep. xxxxxx zzzzzz
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Re-read this whole thread instead of doing a research paper. Procrastination at it's finest
Title: Re: The @amandapalmer twitter Q&A collective interview thread
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Just followed her on twitter and i was amazed seeing the amount of followers she has. Damn she's got a lot of followers. Also the tweets are quite interesting.
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Facebook Q&A: December 26, 2013
Originally posted:

What made you decide to have awesome eyebrows? (from Natalka Alissa Xavier)
i shaved these suckers for the first time when i was in college (around 21)...i had just come back from living abroad and studying in germany and had a run of the mill nervous breakdown, during which i decided to shave every hair on my body except my pubes. including eyebrows. i was all roget waters.

sorry, hit send. anyway....while the eyebrows grew back, i squiggled them in with liquit eyeliner designes because i was a weirdo. and ... they grew back and that was that (the hair, however, took about two years to grow back).

then about 5 years later, i was in the early days of the dresden dolls, and brian and i decided to go to a marlene dietrich ball. there was a costume contest. marlene had no eyebrows. i shaved them again to look authentic. i lost the contest (that whole night was fucked) but i was now, again, eyebrowless.

so i squiggled them in again, expecting to do that until they gre back. but this time (maybe because i was a little more social and open-minded than i was when i was 21)...people really admired them and commented on them everywhere i went. vanity won. i kept them. that was, holy years ago.

i wonder what the fuck my eyebrows would look like if i grew them in. urban myth says they'd be like ///||\\||/\/ all fucked up. we may never know. neil recently told me that he thought my eyebrows made me look old. i was like FUCK YOU DUDE.

next question. this is fun

What made you decide to come to Facebook? (from Eddie Wyatt)
a variety of things.
first of all: i was tired of feeling out of family loops. my family (eeeek) communicates on here, and i started feeling this sad feeling when i would hear my family members say "oh yes, we watched that whole event play out on facebook" and i'd be like 'why didn't someone call? or email? or...tell me"?

also: i run a business. i think tumblr and twitter are amazing for certain things, but i think there are just MORE of my people on facebook right now, engaged, than most other places. and i don't have the right team to come in here and do business for me. so doing it myself is, for now, the way to go. i can already smell my own demise. i spend WAY too much fucking time on the internet as it is and i can already tell this is going to SUCK ME THE FUCK IN COMPLETELYYYYY YY AHSD AJDHASJ FWGFJDGHJAHSDGFJASDHFA

How are you supposed to keep up with hundreds of comments in a minute or two? (from Hrafn Black)
speed read, and skip a lot of it.

and also....i'm re=loading so the top comments filter up. i assume that people will like the comments they wnat me to answer (a la reddit)

how do you make your hair look so fabulous all the time? (from Sashia Lyubov Ousley)
haha. i actually just answered this over on tumblr:

Did this cute stingray help you relax while trying to work out FB? (from James Knox)
i will keep this in mind

Can I have a hug please? (from Bee Anchor)
sure. here. (((((()))))))

How are you? (from Dana Remian)
i'm good. i'm scared. i'm in a weird transition time. neil and i are kind of moving and kind of homeless. i'm about to go to australia for the winter to work on a book that i don't know if i can write. and things are all up in the air in my head. so i am good, but i'm just sort of....anxious.

What's an album you love that we might not expect you to? (from Cooper Stimson)
avril lavigne: under my skin. i fucking love that record.

What's the best part of being married to Neil Gaiman? (from Mackenzie Witman)
the stability. his love is like a rock

How do I let go? (from Jenniffer L. Korsund Sloan)
love more

Will you marry me (from Sky Walker)

Eyebrows. Do you shave or wax them? (from Ilana Brudo)
my eyebrows? i shave them.

What books have influenced your life the most? (Schyler Martin)
this one:

do you even wear clothes? (from Yazmein Chowder)
only when forced

What size shoe do you wear? (from Ange Neve Solgat)
8.5 or 9. 39 european

why don't you come to canada more? (from Jordan Cleveland)

why do you never play any shows in the north of england? (from Daniel Moody)

How was your Christmas? :) (from Laura Porto)
really nice. i spent it with neil and his kids (and one new step-daughter in law, who is awesome)

My sore throat and cough have killed my singing voice. How do you deal with chest colds? (from Andrea Civiera)
SLEEP. it's the only solution. last ditch: antibiotics. also, hydrate like fuck

Do you find yr professional life can be hindered by labels, e.g. Amanda Palmer, bisexual singer? Do you feel like critics want to stick you in one box, so to speak? (from Sue Bernardi Johnson)

did you know that your Facebook posts won't show up on everyone who 'likes' your page's timeline every single time?
I don't really know the ins and outs but it's something you might want to know if you didn't already. (from Julie Price)

yes, i know. and i think that is totally fucked up. it is why i won't rely on facebook.

Favorite soap? (from Paul Fox)
currently i am digging the lush shower gels. THEY JIGGLE

How happy are you on a scale of 1-10 right now? :p (from Shrekkie Sparrow Wekkie)
i'm about a 7

How comes you can use Twitter and you fail Facebook, dear?
And how much you think it'll take to deliver another lovely album to your adoring audience? Or, at least, what can we do to give you enough ideas.
And, by the way, how are things? (from Lorenzo Vargas)

i'm currently trying to work out how to put out music. it's getting weird in my head, but when i emerge, i think i have an amazing plan that will change everything.

Have you ever had an operation? Like tonsils appendix gallbladder? (from Katelyn E Hennessy)
yes...about four years ago i had vocal nodes removed. full knock out surgery.

Do you totally hate Facebook already? >.< (from Isabella Mella Art)
actually, i'm quite enjoying it

Bourbon or Scotch (from Frank Izaguirre)
BOURBON. hate scotch. and my family is from the island that makes talisker. i am the shame of the family

Have you ever thought of making another Dresden Doll album? (from Lea Rashay Barbary)

What are your most favorite and least favorite aspects of poly? (from Shoshana Levin)
i prefer "open" to "poly",,,neil and i don't actually maintain huge other relationships (at least, for the time being). pro? more love. con? more chances for hurt. pro: feels realer. con: takes energy.

what was your inspiration for coin operated boy? (from Keira McMillen)
it was actually inspired by driving by a coin-operated laundromat in the south end of boston, seeing the sign, and getting the phrase "coin operated boy" stuck in my head attached to a really catchy hook. and i thought: that's a great song idea. it'll be about someone who wants a total lack of intimacy: the perfect partner. it's not, and never was, about a sex toy.
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Facebook Q&A: December 31, 2013
Facebook link:

Amanda Palmer:
ok.'s new years eve and i'm completely flattened. in boston for the night, nothing big planned, sort of homeless, just wrote a eulogy poem for a lost mentor to deliver at his memorial on friday and still reeling from conor's suicide three days ago. death is all around.

this is a good time to

ask me anything.

i'm an open wound.

Sean Francis:
Nothing to ask, just wanted to send love.

Amanda Palmer:
it's nice, getting love. thanks. i have a lot to say to you - i read your email.

(in response to many well wishes)
Amanda Palmer:
thanks for all the love here. i'm trying to spread it back around, like a messy fingerpainting. this has been one bitch of a year, people.

Sofía Balle-Stereos:
This is my grandpa. He will turn 103 tonight. He has a memory full of incredible stories.

Amanda Palmer:
oh man. that's so many years to have not died.

Erika Fronk:
When I stood in line for your first solo in Chicago, when you did an encore in a pony sweater, I told you I was struggling to write and wanted to know if you had any words of inspiration. You took my journal and wrote "LET IT BE BAD" on the first page in big, unignorable permanent marker. The words bled into the next page and all over the rest of my life. I learned to be kinder and forgiving with myself and not to hide my pains from myself or the world out of fear or shame, respectively.

So with my heart pouring with positivity and wellwishes, just wanted to say...

Let it be bad.

Amanda Palmer:
"let it be bad" sounds like an excellent epitaph.

Angela Sudweeks:
After watching some of you YouTube videos, my 7 year old daughter has purchased a ukulele. She says you're amazing. Hugs to you from Utah!

Amanda Palmer:
melbourne. i'm about to get a taste of that, i'll be there for february and part of march. i miss it there.

Jolene McDonald:
Sorry to hear Amanda. Who was Conor?

Amanda Palmer:
he was an old, old friend and lover from my college years. we'd stayed in touch over the eons and just rekindled our friendship over the past five months or so. it was very hard to find out he'd decided to leave. i'll write a blog about him, and who he was to me and what it meant, but right now i'm too shattered and feeling useless. i'll try to do it in the next week or so. this is his chin from a few weeks ago, in the meantime...

Jennifer Lydick:
Amanda Palmer, a friend sent this to me for the New year and it sounds like you could use it as well.

As we approach the new year, I want you to remember this. You have enough. You do enough. You are enough.

Amanda Palmer:

Shawna Felkel:

Amanda Palmer:

Linzi Harvey:
You might not even get this far down the list - but I just wanted to share this picture with you. I had a crappy 2013 for lots of reasons, but this is how you made me feel when I met you in Manchester. Thank you Amanda Fucking Palmer, I  you x

Amanda Palmer:

Barbara Kirk:
Hopi Poem
-author unknown

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint in the snow.
I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the autumn's gentle rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there,
I did not die.

Amanda Palmer:

Fred Bliss:
Wow. Do you need a hug??

Amanda Palmer:

Laura Strachan:
Happy New Year from Scotland! Sending you love and hugs. Are you planning on coming back to Glasgow or Edinburgh in 2014? Here's a snap from Glasgow Oct' 2012 xx

Amanda Palmer:
this is beautiuful. can you send it to hayley?

Nic Castle:
 I dreamed I called you on the telephone
to say: Be kinder to yourself
but you were sick and would not answer

The waste of my love goes on this way
trying to save you from yourself

I have always wondered about the left-over
energy, the way water goes rushing down a hill
long after the rains have stopped

or the fire you want to go to bed from
but cannot leave, burning-down but not burnt-down
the red coals more extreme, more curious
in their flashing and dying
than you wish they were
sitting long after midnight

(Adrienne Rich)

Be safe, Amanda. Here's to a better year.

Amanda Palmer:
staring into the coals has always been my favorite part to stare into. the flames are SO LAST YEAR.

Marg Evans:
No questions today - just sending you hugs. It gets better.

Amanda Palmer:
thanks. all hugs taken on board.

Kristinn Snær Agnarsson:
have you had to censor yourself in your art at any point?

Amanda Palmer:
yes. often. there's a lot of things i could have written than would have hurt people's feelings. so i didn't.

Cheryl Dawn Dearborne:
This is going to be a super long post, i hope you read it! I will post a question at the end.

When i moved to New York in 2010, i went on a blind date with a guy. I don't remember his name, what i do remember is him asking if i "was into the dresden dolls".

He played coin operated boy and i dug it immediately. I put the song on a playlist and didn't indulge much beyond the song. Often when one is bettering oneself they slack on the exploration of other art.

Cut to 2013, i'm in London, couch-surfing and traveling and struggling. Our host had TED on his TV and we Ted binged. One of these was your talk.

Amanda, i've always given and received but sometimes pride makes it tough to ask for help with big things when others are struggling as well. But your talk helped me tuck my tail between my legs and say "Hey friends, i took a risk and i fucked up, can anyone help?"

People did, i got back to the states and i always said if i had an opportunity to at least say thank you for your story. Thanks for living your purpose, it affects us, we hear you!

Its weird how we have reached an age where we can have multiple platforms. I may be new to your music, but how cool is it to know, that without really knowing who you were as an artist, someone became a fan of your "being".

What in life do you think most influenced your perspective on life? And what mantra would you say fits your life best?

For me, its "Gratitude, Maintenance, Progress"


Amanda Palmer:
mantra? chop wood, carry water. thanks for this story...and honestly, if i had to choose between someone being a fan of my being and of my music, i'd pick the former (and continue working vigilantly on the latter...but honestly, if someone is going to have taste, i'd rather they have good taste in beings than good taste in music, if you know what i mean.)

Jen Grue:
I'll be in Boston tonight, do you need a hug and some tea? I will literally show up anywhere to make you cheer up a little because you have done so much for some many.

You probably won't remember me. I statued at Fuck the Back Row and various Dolls shows. I lent you my duck call a few years ago on New Years for Neil to use with the Boston Pops. I even was in the Who Killed Amanda Palmer book! I have been in the background of the Dolls scene since half my friends were in the Coin Operated Boy video. Hell, I was even in Sing alternate cut. I was at the Boston preview party for Theater Is Evil and drunkenly tried to explain my Dresden Dolls tattoo to you and I had so much to say, but in that moment I froze because this amazing woman was standing infront of me.

You have helped so many people through so many things, thank you.

Amanda Palmer:
you're welcome. thank you back.

Ansgar Spiertz:
Yeah, death is all around. My wive Almut would have been 49 two days ago if she wouldn't have suddenly died in 2010 from lung embolism. My thoughts are with her tonight...

Amanda Palmer:

Stacia Detour-Rowan:
What is your favorite memory of/with Conor? If you keep a loved one in your memory, they never truly leave you.

Amanda Palmer:
my favorite memory of conor. it was when we lay on the floor of my dorm room at eclectic, holding hands, and listened to OK computer not once, not twice, but three (maybe even four times) in a row. it would get to the end and we were like four year olds, going AGAIN! AGAIN! and we weren't even high.

Song River:
When you lose someone, let alone two within a very short period of time... Does your mind become almost surreal and numb? Then as the moments progress and a few dawns rise do you begin forming words and patterns of and from the emotions? I lost my oldest brother it seems a life time ago, before it would seem to be his time, and through it all I drove myself to work and create even though my mind felt numb. I'd like to ask you Amanda from one creative to the other- can you share your processing? Thank you and I'm praying comfort for your heart and a flood of fantastic memories to leave a smile every now and again upon your lips. Much love, Song River peace

Amanda Palmer:
it does, a bit. when i was 20/21 i lost a whole lot of people all at one time...a recent ex who i'd really been in love with, my step-brother, and two grandparents. all like that: bam, bam (pause) bam, bam. my grandmother and matt the ex within a few days of each other, then a few months off, then karl and my grandfather. i think it's possibly not a coincidence that was the year i learned to drink in earnest. i just didn't want to deal with anything too serious. i also stopped writing. that year is an absolute blank page in the songbook. so....i don't know. it could be that we need to process different things differently at different times. i wasn't close to my grandparents when they kicked, and i'm actually just starting to mourn them in my own creative way, this many years later ("the thing about things" was the closest i got to explaining my relationship with my grandfather and his death....i still have to record and release that sucker). all in due time. and the more people die, the easier it seems it gets, and the harder. this thin, fragile little life....we're really meant to take it seriously when it's extinguishable in an instant? seems absurd to me, nowadays.....i've also gotten further and further away from my own creative desk since meeting neil, and the ground has gotten shakier and sandier. it's time to turn that around, lest i totally lose who i am.

Felicia Chantel Gaffney:

Amanda Palmer:
i'm on my way.

Brannon Crain:
Is there anything you haven't done that you wished you had? Think Frost's Road Less Traveled...

Amanda Palmer:
 no. i can't let myself think that way, or i'll go crazy.

Jennifer Lydick:
 In moments like this what do you think of to help center yourself and help you power thorough the overwhelming and the sad?

Amanda Palmer:
i try to remember that things pass and that we're all going to die eventually. that generally helps.

Fred McCassey:
Is there anything we can do?

Amanda Palmer:
send more poems. this is actually the perfect way to spend a lonely new years eve. every poem is like a toast in the night.

Clarsa McElhaney:
You asked for a question, so here's mine:
If you could tell everyone in the world one thing and make them really understand, what would it be?

Amanda Palmer:
we are all actually one.

Meaghan McColl:
Why don't you ask for what you need right now?

Amanda Palmer:
i did. you're here.

LaRue Allegretto:
My only question would be this: What could I do to make it better? Your music has gotten me out of worse.

Amanda Palmer:
thanks for asking. this being social media, it's a funny answer, but the question itself manifests as a signal of good will. i'll take it. i'll take all of them. they're real, they help. i don't have music anymore. i lost that part of it long ago and would love to get it back.

Katerina Flowers:
Is there anything we can do? Somehow? Something? Anything?

Amanda Palmer:
just chatting here is quite nice and taking the edge off, actually.

Pete'dj Phatphuq' Bassett:
Is breaking bad worth bothering with?

Amanda Palmer:
absolutely. i just finished season two and it's incredible: deep, real, raw, true, life, love, all that. it's also made me addicted. it's crack. enter at your own risk.

Jimmy Lee Wirt:
What are your hopes and dreams for 2014?

Amanda Palmer:
i want to find a place to live that i love, that's the biggest one. and i want to write an amazing book. that's the second biggest.