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Author Topic: Need Music for "Seeräuber Jenny/Pirate Jenny"!  (Read 941 times)

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Need Music for "Seeräuber Jenny/Pirate Jenny"!
« on: July 18, 2010, 08:32:06 PM »

Every week at my theater camp, we have a small segment in the morning in which people put on short performances. I guess you could call it a "talent show", but there's no winner at the end. This is my final year as a camper, and I'd like to take full advantage of these moments and do some awesome acts. Each Friday, we also have a theme day, and I've tried to follow the theme days a bit with my acts. For example, for Hippie/Rock Star Day, I played "Maybe I Will" by Julia Nunes on ukulele. Simple, I already knew it. Now, I need your guys help. This Friday is Pirate Day.

I plan to sing "Seeräuber Jenny" from the ThreePenny Opera.

In German.

It would be amazingly helpful if anyone could give me the lyrics (and maybe even the chords for piano). It would make me so happy, and I would probably love you forever. Please, if you have a link to the lyrics, or want to spend your time typing them out if you have the MP3 of Lotta Lenya on your iPod, that would be lovely. Thank you all so much.
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