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Author Topic: The Shambles in York,UK No Busking,But Walm-Gate Coffee House is a secrect...  (Read 1738 times)

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York is a Mighty Town in England,it is surrounded by a wall,and in center Clifford's Tower,  My daughter is attending School there ,and My husband and I just returned from a 20+ day trip, O0  Ravi Zacharias, at Oxford Queens College (my husband went there first) and then met me and my baby girl at the London Tower Hilton, for 5  Dapper Nights and then to Castille Paris 4 nights..I was ill and only made it to the Eiffel Tower,the remainder I stayed en-suite.  Then it was back to Wonderful York(which in My opinion BLOWS PARIS OUT OF THE FEILD of interesting Beautiful, Places) call me and Mine York Dorks" Anyway In York while walking down the brick lined   Street called "The Shambles"(Harry potter was filmed partly)  and actual Tudor Houses as fare dated as 1400's OH MY!  anyway....I was over taken by the urge to start to do the Robot. I am a 70's kinda girl and out of no where a Round Hatted Officer came up to me and pointed to a sign" NO BUSKING" I was mortified.   
How in the Hell can I ME"an Rubenesque  woman be accused of Busking? Anyway,there were others doing such a thing. A Purple Bike rider all painted completely  Creamy Violet Purple in a Frozen State,and Then I had a AH HA Moment... Busker? Statue? Amanda Palmer,so I pushed my Limits and continued to do MY robot..... and JUST LAUGHED AS I DId not seek any type of money I was taking Photos of My self In front of No Buskers sign in front of Police  ,
  One Secret place I will share is Gate House COFFEE HOUSE"originally called WALM-GATE BAR this is actually in the wall at one of York's Gates   Just walk up Tell Monique "her mom sent you" and look out the window, and play Rapunzel......I DID WITH MY GRAND DAUGHTER..... on SKYPE as she was in the states,in Illinois But it was fun to be QUEEN of a GATE CASTLE WALL BAR/COFFEE HOUSE.

NOW FYI this is still called WalmGate Bar on the MAPs........Just go there for-Coffee or  Tea in 2 pots, and hand made  panninis,home made fudge and often other hand -home made goodies and also vegetarian,vegan. It has so many stores and fun Things NIGHT AND DAY  We rented a Flat from City Lets for 10 Nights for 1400.00 pounds...and that included VAT and 300pound refundable deposit,it was 35  Fossgate  apt 5 ,and was a  2 bed room- fully serviced,washer in kitchen,20 ft ceilings and OH decorated beautifully.....(just the smell from fish store can come and go as no air conditioners in uk at most pubs and places,so no screens either...Just open them ,we purchased a fan....and WAS JUST peachy" it was over a bridge and ... across from  Blue Bicycle Pub on River Foss/Ouse ,my favorite restaurant pub?  The Evil Eye....I CAN LIVE in YORK! Why I even made it into the UK MEDICAL SYSTEM I LEFT MY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS HOME and NO CHARGE for DOCTOR VISIT on a SUNDAY! and only 7,50 pound per RX! 
      I AM IMPRESSED, this is second time to UK and last was ONLY LONDON Portobello Street and Hilton London Tower is where we stayed AGAIN

over and out Linda ANn chArtier
aka Outsideartist
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somewhat confused post but i love York too..... the no busking thing happensd more and more as town centres become privatised.... it does not stop people from begging, only people from performing..... stupid huh?
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I heard that York is truly beautiful. I was told that there are lots of coffee shop in the area, some are operating for a so many years now. The local brand of coffee of England is worth tasting.
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there are malls in the usa, that audition buskers annually and hire a number of them to perform a few times a week

not perfect, but better than a total ban on busking

i can dig out a few URLs ...
getting started:
BOX-RULES (please read...

further back:
Our forum before this one...
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