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Author Topic: BOX-RULES (please read before posting)  (Read 7756 times)

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BOX-RULES (please read before posting)
« on: August 09, 2010, 01:47:04 PM »

- First and foremost: Feel like there's a rule which might be useful for us to add? Tell us, please (DM a moderator). This place is all about community, and keeping a positive forum for discussion, debate, etc. We want to make it as fun and safe as we can for everyone.

Now, onto the rules. First and foremost: Please make sure you're not posting something that's been adressed already/old "news". If you're a new user or you haven't been on The Box in a few days, just take a second to see what the current threads are. When in doubt, PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. There's a lot of information on this board and it's very likely somebody's already asked your question before. The search button is your friend.

- No photos of animal abuse/pornography/gratuitous violence. Period. Also important: No debates about what consititutes animal abuse/pornography/gratuitous violence. Posting such things can possibly result in your immediate removal from the forum. We want to make this message board a place where all fans can enjoy themselves. Of course with a band like The Dresden Dolls and a performer like Amanda, the concept of "artful nudity" comes up from time to time; We're not ignorant, and it is understood that there is a fine line on what "art" is to different people...we'll do our best to police each situation as fairly as we can.

- Don't be abusive to board members, k? K. Arguments will happen - and that's fine - but please don't make correcting or belittling others your mission here. No one here is in a position to lay into others for small mistakes, and if the majority of your posts consist of you giving attitude to others here, you will be warned (and ultimately removed). If someone makes a typo or forgets to use the search function, we ask that you politely point out the mistake (or ignore it altogether).
Examples include (but are not limited to):
* Harassment * Posting of (or paraphrasing from) off-Box/private conversations without consent * Posting of images of other members without their consent (this is only enforced if people complain) * Misuse of the Private Messaging system will lead to the loss of your ability to send and receive PMs * Mockery through the likes of "impersonations", and other similar behaviors.

- Don't share your password or let people use your account. If it's posted from your screenname, it's your responsibility. 

- No filesharing of music, film, TV, etc. which is not for free public consumption/Creative Commons. Links to places for people to check out samples (or even better, places like Bandcamp) are highly encouraged, but do your stealing elsewhere, please.
- Please don't post any "pre-loaded" audio or video. If you want to share something, great, but DON'T embed stuff which will automatically play when someone opens a thread.

- If a thread you created is deleted/moved/locked, DO NOT MAKE IT AGAIN. If you have a question about it, please PM a moderator to discuss it there. Also, if it appears that your thread is "missing", check to see if it has been moved to another section of the board. 

- LURK BEFORE YOU POST. This message board is unique in how the members interact and behave towards each could likely help you to get a feel for that, in advance.

- No oversized "signature"-images, as they can create high load times and give the board a cluttered appearance. We're pro personality, but don't want any member's experience limited by having to wait 15 minutes for something to load.

- Do not speak on behalf of banned members. If we wanted to hear from them, they wouldn't be banned. PM if you must, but "In Memory Of" type threads will be removed and users could potentially be warned and/or banned for creating them.

- Excessive photos/topics without purpose will be noted, as it can get to the point where - even while well-meaning - is essentially spam. It clutters the board, and eats up bandwidth. If you see your name in the "Started by" column all the way down the page, you are posting excessively. Please be sure to involve yourself in any threads you want, just don't feel that it's necessary to post several new ones per day, especially if you haven't searched the board to see if a similar topic exists.

All that stuff outta the way, we hope that you enjoy the board. The moderators (Hayley, CeeGBee, and myself) are here to help you (as you'll find many of the other users are). Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have about how The Box works, etc.
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