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Author Topic: Glamorizing Your Narcissism  (Read 1440 times)

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Glamorizing Your Narcissism
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:33:05 PM »

your past, your present, your future
whatever you use to measure your time
are you breathing sighs of relief and wondering why
did you ever think it would be like tonight, in an apartment where
couple make love, parents scream at their little girl
i wash paint down the drain and watch the colors swirl
she's taking classes to find where she fits in this world
she runs her fingers through my hair
i remember when i was young
i'd squint my eyes at the sun
i'll never complain about the messes you made, mistakes
you're doing fine behind your desk hidden from the truth
retracing your steps, looking for a way back to your youth
you pulled up your skirt in the shadow of the moon
he was already gone
sat in meditation circles to make peace with my time
hold down my limbs while my core unwinds
next time she leaves me kisses, i'll cross the line
tell her what i've become
i met the mother of a man
asking god to take away his sins
her heart just can't take all that pressure and ache
it breaks
so she put on her coat, said she was glad we met
i tried to find words, she put her finger to my lips
told me not to look back, focus on what's ahead
all my knots will eventually untie
it took so long but i finally found my sleep
her kindness, my silence, she told me to get off of my knees
she hushes my whimpers, teaches me how to love on my feet
let's me know it's all going to be fine
where have you gone, i'm still walking on
we just can't fake or remember the taste
we break
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