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Author Topic: A Dream With Amanda Palmer  (Read 1530 times)

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A Dream With Amanda Palmer
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:29:02 AM »

I'm in front of the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Neil Gaiman is going to speak. Somehow it's over and I'm in line and I see Amanda Palmer. I nervously say hello and she's polite but distant but polite and I mention that in a card she wrote she says something about Tom Bissell's Pretentious photography when it is PORNOGRAPHY...or whatever...and I think she'd remember but she doesn't and she's really polite.
So I ask if I can take a picture with her and I hold up the cell phone. I'm not used to this and the cell phone misbehaves and starts making this DROID DROID DROID sound and starts vibrating and I fear the army is going to kill us all to save us as I hold this thing up for a picture...

So..I'm holding it still and to take a picture when this blonde pop singer shows up and wants to be in the pictures with us and I say, "NO."

Amanda tells me...she's a nice girl and the blonde runs and she's crying and mascara everywhere.

I run saying, "I'm sorry! I'm Sorry!"

So, then she's gone and it turns out she was going to fund the next album without kickstarter but now she won't.

And Neil Gaiman watched the whole thing and filed separation papers,

and Tom Bissell turned Hindu and is now in an arranged marriage via Amanda Palmer through not her parents but Simon and Shuster and Harper's Magazine,

and Dave Eggers will giver her away and

she must wear white

and it's all my white.

I say sorry but she just walks away.

The End.
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