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this list does not include covers- there are literally hundreds (i think)

A Is For Accident (2002)

* Bank of Boston Beauty Queen
* Christopher Lydon
* Glass Slipper
* Thirty Whacks
* Time Has Come, The
* Will
The Dresden Dolls (2003)

* 672
* Bad Habit
* Coin-Operated Boy
* Girl Anachronism
* Good Day
* Gravity
* Half-Jack
* Jeep Song, The
* Missed Me
* Perfect Fit, The
* Slide
* Truce
Yes, Virginia... (2005)

* Backstabber
* Delilah
* Dirty Business
* First Orgasm
* Mandy Goes to Med School
* Me & the Minibar
* Modern Moonlight
* Mrs. O
* My Alcoholic Friends
* Necessary Evil
* Sex Changes
* Shores of California
* Sing
No, Virginia... (2008)

* Boston
* Dear Jenny
* Gardener, The
* Kill, The
* Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner
* Night At The Roses, A
* Night Reconaissance
* Pretty In Pink
* Sheep Song, The
* Sorry Bunch
* The Mouse and the Model
* Ultima Esperanza
Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)

* Ampersand
* Another Year
* Astronaut
* Blake Says
* Guitar Hero
* Have To Drive
* Leeds United
* Oasis
* Point Of It All, The
* Runs In The Family
* Strength Through Music
Who Killed Amanda Palmer (Bonus Material) (2008)

* 1.1.94
* Boyfriend In A Coma
* Straight
* You May Kiss The Bride
"The Truth..." - Single (2010)

* Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass
Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under (2011)

* Australia
* Doctor Oz
* In My Mind
* Map Of Tasmania
* New Zealand
* Vegemite (The Black Death)
Ukulele Anthem - Single (2011)

* Ukulele Anthem
An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer (2012)

* Broken-Heart Stew
* Dear Old House
* Gaga, Palmer, Madonna
* Judy Blume
Theatre Is Evil (2012)

* Smile (Pictures or It Didn't Happen)
* Killing Type, The
* Do It With A Rockstar
* Want It Back
* Grown Man Cry
* Trout Heart Replica
* Grand Theft Intermission, A
* Lost
* Bottomfeeder
* Bed Song, The
* Massachusetts Avenue
* Melody Dean
* Berlin
* Olly Olly Oxen Free
Theatre is Evil (Bonus Material & B-Sides) (2012)

* Denial Thing
* Living Room, The
* From St. Kilda to Fitzroy
* Provanity
* Assistant, The
* Not Mine
Other Songs - These can be found on youtube

* Kaledrina
* Don't Call Me Fucking Gaiman
* Breakfast Summit, The
* Assistant, The
* Colorblind

* I Google You (Lyrics by Neil Gaiman)
* Evelyn Evelyn album (with Jason Webley)
* Nighty Night - 8in8 project
* Electric Blanket (with Jason Webley)
Songs not for sale on bandcamp aren't released, are not considered finished, and are not yet available. Because she and her team are so tech-savvy, a good rule of thumb is that if Amanda wants you to hear a song, it will be extremely easy to find, i.e. on her bandcamp or able to be located on youtube within twenty seconds.[/list]


Actually, could someone upload Astronaut and Guitar Hero? I have no clue how to rip audio from youtube.

Whoever does it should upload to so they're there forever and the links won't expire. :)

I dont remember how but I found these sections of Automaticjoy, but they arent linked on the main page (unless I'm blind.

Guitar Hero - from Amanda's YouTube channel
The Point Of It All - no idea where I got it

by the way, Blake Says is on

The only ones I don't have are Astronaut and The Living Room. If anyone can't find any that aren't those two songs then just ask, and I'll link them.

btw Thank you for creating this thread, I was wondering If I'd missed any^_^

I could be a jerk and say:

but that site never worked for me, and I hate it when people do that.


The Living Room

(Those are mp3 rips from the "official" youtube videos).

Thanks everyone, I placed links to all the songs to make things even easier on everyone. I'll clean it up a bit later. If anyone has any objections to any of this, I will gladly remove this thread, though I don't think I'm breaking any rules; every single link, aside from the youtube rips, was found on the official site, the brigade site, or automatic joy.


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