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Author Topic: Do you ever find yourself alone in the room?  (Read 4808 times)

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Re: Do you ever find yourself alone in the room?
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2011, 07:01:21 PM »

I'm so accustomed to being "alone in the room" that I'm often taken aback when more than one person at a time actually agrees with me on something.

I will always remember back in 2002-3 when I was a frequent poster on a body building board (that since closed down) that had a very conservative slant and lots of ex military.

The war was still popular in general back then so when I started speaking out against it in that place the shit really hit the fan!  Nothing this group of nice liberals will ever say to me will compare to how much shit I got in that place!

My ears still ring from that sometimes... but I can take great pride in the fact that everything I said came to pass!  I was right about the cost ballooning up and up with no clear resolution for years and years and public opinion swinging...  These meat heads called me every name in the book and cited the fact that they were "experienced" and I was just some kid in high school over and over and over again and yet... I was still right!
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