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Author Topic: Two privates stationed at Fort Campbell were handed shovels and told to bury a l  (Read 602 times)

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Two privates stationed at Fort Campbell were handed shovels and told to bury a large, dead animal. While digging they got into an argument about what they were burying."This here's a big mule!" "This ain't no mule, this here's a donkey.""Mule!""Donkey!"Well, this went on for a while until the camp chaplain came by."What are you boys doing?""We're diggin' a grave for this mule.""Donkey, dammit!"The chaplain cut in, "Boys, this isn't either one, it's an ass!"An hour later, the camp commander came up and said, "What are you men doing, digging a foxhole?""No sir, we're diggin' an asshole."


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this is probably a spam bot,

but there are no links to spam websites,
and unless the bot is trying to sell collections of old jokes,
the text isn't either

ymmv, as to whether it's funny or not

i moved it from News

curious thing about this spam bot,
was the account was created from one IP,
and the post made from another.
one in China (a mobile network), one in Hong Kong.
might be the same machine with two ways to the Internet
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