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While we did our best to answer questions people might/have had in the Kickstarter FAQ (found at the bottom of the page), there are still some inquiries which we've seen pop up.
One thing in particular which has inspired a lot of confusion/concern, is how the "survey" process works once the project is funded.
We know that there are a lot of you who've never pledged towards a Kickstarter before, so here's where we'll do our best to help explain the process and field questions that you still might have.

In regards to the "SURVEY"…
After the Kickstarter closes (on May 31st at 11:59PM EST), we will have the option on the backend to send out surveys. These surveys are where we gather up info from you as to where your rewards need to be sent (both digital and physical), what name should be listed for the art openings, etc. etc.
We chose the questions for them, but they come "from" Kickstarter as far as your email is concerned.
It's important to know: We do NOT have your mailing address/email address until the survey is filled out. While yes, your pledge is taken via Amazon, they are simply a payment system for Kickstarter and do not provide us with any of your information.
One of the things that we learned during the "Evening With" Kickstarter was that there is no benefit to asking for this info too long before it's going to be needed; People move, change email addresses, etc. etc. This means that while some of the surveys will likely be sent out shortly after the campaign wraps to fulfill rewards (for the art shows and 7" series in particular), we might wait to send request your info if you're not set to receive anything prior to September.
Another thing that we learned is some people use alternate email accounts for their pledges, and just stop checking those for Kickstarter updates. Whatever the case, these surveys are our main connection to you in order to guarantee that you get what you pre-ordered, and we need you to make sure that you login to your account more than once in a blue moon.

We're certainly not trying to strike fear into anyone's heart, just educate as to how the process works, and make sure that when the time comes you know where to go to give us your backer info. If you have any questions/concerns, now is the time to ask them. We're here to help.

Thank you all again for your pledges and support in this project. While it's obvious, I just want to reiterate: we couldn't have done it without you.  :)

i was wondering if it were possible to get the vinyl AND cd with the $5000 package. i ended up upping my pledge $25 to make sure...


--- Quote from: insignifikunt on May 15, 2012, 10:12:53 AM ---i was wondering if it were possible to get the vinyl AND cd with the $5000 package. i ended up upping my pledge $25 to make sure...

--- End quote ---

Of course. Do us a favor and email your info and we'll make a note on the backend for you!  O0

P.S. Thank you.

Hey! I'm wondering if it'll be possible for me to have multiple addresses on file for the summer art/vinyl mailings. My address is going to vary month to month (I'll be in three different cities). Thanks!!!

Same as dairy4life- I'm moving from one state to the other at the end of July, and there's not going to be much in the way of address overlap at any point.


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