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Amanda's got a blog. If blogs could talk, it'd ask you to read it. It might even say "please."

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Author Topic: halloween costumes and such  (Read 6783 times)

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Re: halloween costumes and such
« Reply #30 on: August 10, 2007, 11:46:10 PM »


i think my life might actually be a lot bettr once i shave my eyebrows off to be amanda. my bangs are so long i won't even NEED brow regeneration cream. YEAH. lol
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Re: halloween costumes and such
« Reply #31 on: August 25, 2007, 08:07:40 PM »

I dressed as Brian last Halloween, but no one knew who I was supposed to be. One person guessed that I was Charlie Chaplin, another thought that I was a mime (close, but not quite), and while I was handing out candy, one father told his child that I was one of the Blues Brothers (I wasn't wearing any makeup at the time)! Oh, and I got stranded on the I-190 on my way home from a Halloween party, and had to walk to a 7-11 to call my parents for help, and I was apparently disturbing the customers in my getup, because the clerk eventually asked me to wait outside, despite the fact that it was probably about 40 degrees out, and I wasn't wearing anything heavier than a dress jacket. Heck, I might not have even had the jacket. That was a miserable time for me. It's not like I dress like that everyday, and chose to have the car stall out, just so I could walk to his store and vogue. >:(
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