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Author Topic: Questions about Canon's  (Read 596 times)

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Questions about Canon's
« on: August 03, 2008, 08:41:41 PM »

Okay, I did something evil I picked up the Canon SLR.  Well actually I already own two Canon cameras but that's a secret (a T70, and the EOS 650) but today while walking through Circuit City I decided to pick up a 40 D. it's still a little heavy for me, but the ergonomics actually fit.  So since I've decided my next Nikon SLR camera will be a FX sensor I decided to sit this generation out this is another option from the Olympus E3.  The ergonomics of the Nikon bodies don't work with my wrist guards, and the D700 would only leave a few hundred left for lenses in my budget for the spring (my senior studio project)

So now is the time to get another system, I'll probably be getting a few more basic lenses for my E420 Olympus, but those will all be standard grade and not too expensive.  So with whatever body I guess I'll probably be after a lens or two a rugged wide-angle to standard 24 or 28 to around 60 or so as a walk around and an ultra wide around its 18 to 36.

Now for the questions, first of a how do I make sense of the Canon lens lineup this thing is crazy for the full frame/APS lenses is there something simple like the DX that Nikon puts in the name.  Also what are the strengths of the 40 D.

 and the camera that interests me even more is the 5D, how does it compare to the 40 D. and what are its strengths, and probably more importantly is the protruding grip a lot like the 40 D's where it's pretty narrow compared to the top where the shutter release is.
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