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Open Letter To Amanda Palmer Tarot Fans


Marcos Chirinos:
Hi y'all,

I'm new here and looking for anyone interested in what i'm about to say.

A well known internet researcher posted some things years ago that screams in me now.  It was her prediction of things to come on Earth and she's been right about so many things.  Now theres something thats about to happen on the west coast of the USA where i live.  I dreamed about how to know when it will happen.  So i know myself that its soon.   but i have not much i can do to convince others.  The timing is revealed just with a indepth following of said authors articles.
So tonite I worked out a letter to Amanda palmer fans asking for help with the date and wielding psychic powers for a convincing argument of verity. 

I am posting it on my website.  its late here for me and ill still have to finish making the linking pages. lll post those tomorrow.

as surfing the Internet:
Darn, well now my website is down today, so thats not up yet http://www.radiohaidiyakhanda.com/tarot/tarot.html

I get to come back and finish this tomorrow.  sorry internet.


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