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An unexpected cover of Dresden Dolls

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Hello there !
First, i want to apologyze for my bad english. I'm french and i was not very fan of school.
I'm here to share with you my passion for AFP and the Dresden Dolls. I need to talk about it with others fans ! In real life, i think my friends are a bit tired of me. I talk about Amanda every day  :uglystupid2:  ;D

So, this is my cover in french of Coin Operated Boy :

When i sing this song, i feel connected with the Dolls.
Our band's name is Anna C & Barbiche. We love the Dresden Dolls and saw Amanda with the grand teft orchestra 2 times this year. It was really awesome.
I miss them so much !

I let you listen to the song. We recorded at our place few days ago.
I hope you can enjoy it.
And, again, sorry for my english.

Anna C

[I embedded your video - Cee]

Very interesting to hear the song sung in french! Thanks for sharing, that's a beautiful cover!Also welcome to the shadowbox!

Thank you so much ! I'm so glad you like it :)

imaginary friend:
that was really cool.   :glasses9:



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