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Amanda's got a blog. If blogs could talk, it'd ask you to read it. It might even say "please."

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Author Topic: “THE DANCE OF REALITY” cinema meetup/group outing thread (new jodorowsky!!)  (Read 1152 times)

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Amanda Palmer

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go see this movie:

here is the trailer…

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

and here is the list of locations it's playing and/or opening soon. important: some of those are week-long engagements and some are ONE NIGHT ONLY…so…check dates. acquire tickets. go.

i recommend a minor altered state - at least get a glass of wine on board. or go to a hot yoga class on your way and drink some kava.

movies like this aren’t made very often.

if you’re in new york, it’s still at the sunshine cinema - that's where i saw it last night.

if you make a party in my honor while i’m hiding in bookland, i will love you.
really: if anyone wants to get together a group outing (in NY or whatever respective city), i started this thread to help organize. or comment on the blog (or post to this facebook thread even). hit me on twitter and point me to places i can help amplify.
and seriously, check theaters/go this weekend - it may be gone before too long. i want you all to see this.
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