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   GUIDE: will there be a signing ? (aka meet-n-greet)   !!!

No Intermission Tour

  Amanda's Official Page for this tour:

* You can ask for a place to stay on this Facebook group:
(might also check the map in that group's Announcements.)
* You might also check https:/
* All the places in the next section.

Tickets/Rides/Info/Pre-show Meetups/Concert Buddy/etc.
(Always best to buy tickets early):
* You can ask for or offer anything for each show on the Facebook pages for that show.
  You might also check all the posts for a pre-show meetup.

  Find the Facebook event page for that show at

  Shows that are over (since they started being listed on the Farceborg)[/url?key=past

* You can also post on Amanda's Official Facebook group:
  The Unofficial AFPatreons group:

  At the end of the longest announcement in Unofficial:
  is a link to a guide of groups for AFPatreons.
  At the end of that guide is a list of regional/geographic Facebook groups.
  Your show could be in one of those regions.
  One of those regions might be along your route,
  if you are looking for people to car-pool with you to your show.

  Any of these Facebook groups might have a group event for a pre-show meetup.

* On reddit, Hayley has set up an ask thread for the THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION tour:

* Call the box office daily

* Check the web site selling tickets daily

* Try the regional site the venue is in,
  as well as ticket selling websites
  (e.g.  StubHub, (claims to be fan-to-fan). etc.)
  better to sell on these, than buy on them. 
  be careful about scalpers & thieves.
  a far number of fake tickets are sold.

* On twitter, you can also tweet Amanda, The Dresden Dolls, Brian Viglione, or Scarlet Sails.

* Here on the shadowbox (Note, that the shadowbox can only be used by those who
   already have accounts, as account creation is broken):
 ** find or create the show's page on this board: 
     (Note that the shadowbox is not very active, due to account creation being broken.)
 ** you can offer or ask for a ticket to any Amanda/Brian/D.Dolls/Scarlet.Sails show 
      in the thread "Need a ticket? - Have a ticket?":

IF YOU DON'T find the Tickets/Ride/Couch/Buddy/etc. you need:
go to the show, repeat this until you have the ticket(s) you need

* Ask at the Box Office (don't trust the venue's Security staff to know)

* Go to the front of the line, ask for what you need,
  walk a few people,
  ask again,
  repeat until the end of the line.  That is, ASK, as Amanda details in her Ted Talk & book.

* At the end of the line, go back to the box office,
  then start of the line. repeat.

Avoid scalpers - their tickets might not be legit.

A sign doesn't hurt, but also ask verbally.
Being dressed for the show or to brigade helps.

You'll at least meet a lot of awesome new friends.

One reason this usually works,
is that Amanda/Brian/D.Dolls/Scarlet.Sails fans buy tickets early.
Then something prevents them from coming.

Always best to buy tickets early.

best -len

PS: Please PM'email me or post suggestions for improvements on this post.


"You have extra tickets, when you get to the Will Call table?

Please leave them at "Will Call" with instructions to give them to anyone who needs a ticket.
Tell the Facebook event page, @amandapalmer via,
& post anywhere else you can."

bump for 2017 NYE show

made minor tweeks.

& added
which claims to be a fan-to-fan ticket exchange site.

25 Feb 2019 - both GUIDES need updating. 

Please PM, email, or FB message me. or
post suggestions for improvements to the Guide that starts this thread.



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