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No disrespect intended toward the moderators, who do the best they can with the limited resources they have, but our lack of active Administrators is single-handedly killing this board.

The issue of security questions upon sign-up has never been implemented by an Admin. The Result? This site has more Spambot posters than flesh and blood posters.

Flesh and blood posters, due to the amount of spam needed to be sifted through, have grown tired of it and stopped coming here in anywhere close to the numbers we once had. And any potential new poster, seeing the spammy mess that is the current state of this board, don't have any desire to sign-up and start posting themselves.

No old or new posters coming here = site death, no matter how Awesome Brian and Amanda are.

No ultimatums (it's juvenile). No threats to leave (again, juvenile). I'm simply spelling out in detail how this site has gotten to its current "circling the drain" status.

It makes me sad knowing what this site once was.

Pope Totalfrog:


it's sad.  I really liked this chuck of the internet.

imaginary friend:
"chuck of the internet" - I like that.  :)

back on topic: The decline in posting started way before the current spambot plague. If I had to put a date on it...well, when did that poem for dzokar (or however you spell it) first get posted? Right around there.

Only reason I've stuck around as long as I have is because the obsessive compulsive in me likes weeding out the bots every few days. Also I like you guys.


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