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The sbox needs an iPhone & Android app

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I've been thinking about why the newer fans are more into Twitter and the horrid FarceBorg (Facebook).

Maybe it's that those websights have smart phones apps?
Which makes accessig those websights easier than the tiny web browsers that work poorly with touch screens?

Does anyone know if the software the sbox runs on by Smart Machines, has an app, or an API that would make writing both iPhone & Android apps possible?

Oh if only there were someone here who knew how to write code..............

Maybe someone familiar with the intricacies of GPU licensing.......

spider jerusalem:
Q1: Is there a demand for writing an app from scratch?

Q2: WIll there be anyone willing to spend hours developing and supporting an application on two different platforms??

Q3: Does new/young fans really don't use forums because of ergonomic, or is it just a move from general public towards "centralized information palces"?

As for SMF, I think there is an API, but I'm not sure. I've stopped programming over SMF when we've shutdown one forum I was an admin. Secondly, this may be more a case of writing a good custom web mobile theme than an entire application.

If I was willing and had free time,I could scratch something. But don't count on me on doing this, specially alone.


Cheddars Cousin:
Newer fans don't come here because el queso es viejo y podrido.

spider jerusalem:

--- Quote from: Cheddars Cousin on June 23, 2015, 05:59:23 PM ---Newer fans don't come here because el queso es viejo y podrido.

--- End quote ---

I still prefer the queijo velho e podre than the fresh cheese of nowadays. I mean, for group discussion and interaction, Twitter and Facebook (for instance) doesn't appeal me, mostly because they get out of track really fast and you will be feeling lost unless you are following it since message one. 

But I do understand why (most) people moved away from (most) message boards and it doesn't bother me any more that boards are dying, even though I will miss the easy of use for finding old threads and following topics in general. 


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