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a story & an ask ...


The link to the ask is at the end, with kseaflux's version of his story
& his dream.

The story so far:

--- Quote ---This is the intro to a story about the beginnings of
The Dresden Dolls' Dirty Business Brigade,
and of a human, kseaflux, (aka Casey Porter) who gave up a
normal life to follow his dreams & who won a battle against death
during his journey.

He has another dream now.  It involves an ask, but that is at the end
of this telling.

kseaflux's story intersects with the early days of The Dresden Dolls.

Follow along to

Please!!!  I want to see this dream meet.
--- End quote ---

* in the early days of The Dresden Dolls, Team d.dolls was just Amanda
  & Brian.  They did it all, including dealing with the fledgling Dirty
  Business Brigade.
* Oh, you don't know what the Dirty Business Brigade is?
  That's OK, it's been on hiatus longer that the d.dolls have.
  But 10,000 people at the Boston & Coney Island shows are about to
  discover it.

  It's fans doing all sort of art outside & inside d.dolls shows.  But

  Do the web search.  You'll find videos like:




  and photo albums like:

  An archive of the DBB web sight:

  The FAQ at one step in its evolution:

  I believe there is also DBB footage on both the Paradise &
  Roundhouse DVDs the d.dolls put out.
Back to the story:

33 year old Casey stepped aside from letting life happened to him, to
create a life of him creating art full time as kseaflux.  It worked.

A friend of Amanda's noted that Amanda could use help running the Dirty Business Brigade.  The friend also knew that kseaflux was the artist to take the job on.  She got them talking.  kseaflux became the first wrangler/coordinator of the Dirty Business Brigade.

He took the early bare beginnings that Amanda & Brian inspired/created & guided the DBB to it's full glory.

In that process he helped many others step aside from letting life happen to them to become artists.  Some of them have joined kseaflux, Brian, & Amanda in encouraging even more people to follow their dreams.

Casey is

* an artist
* an enabler of artists
* an enabler of enablers of artists Eight years ago, he got deadly ill with Hepatitis C.  People less ill
than he was, die quickly.  He refused to.  There was more art to
create.  He found ways to not die, to get somewhat better.

And added a dream.  To write a book about his life as an artist,
including the DBB.  To pass along his dreams to others.

For the less five years he's struggled with little income beyond
disability, to write the book.  It's at the stage where he needs money
to edit & publish.  Thus his ask (& mine).

half of the best comedy act http://theshadowbox.net ever had
(& the soul of compassion), passed kseaflux's ask on.  She found the
d.dolls early & watched the DBB grow & flourish.  She shared
kseaflux's ask with the oldest fans she could find.  The thread have become
something of a reunion, as well as a glimpse at the early days of the
d.dolls fanbase.

Also has some awesome photos!


Why the Ask is here, not on (evil) Facebook:

This story & the ask is here, because Facebook with greed where most
of us has heart & souls, censors & limits views of posts that link to
websites where people "make" money, including Kickstarter. 
You want everyone to see it, you pay the Zuckerborg & his Farceborg minions money to uncensor your ask.
kseaflux just doesn't have that kind of money.  He's not running a
business, but an art project.

The Ask

Here's his version of the Ask.  Note the updates & comments, as well as the campaign presentation.
(His version has several quotes from Amanda on different pages.)

; - }


The KS ends on Thursday 25 August 2016 at 11pm EDT. 
Not many days left.

Thanks if you read this ask!
Special thanks if you read all of this!!!

Backed the kickstarter! Thank you for the detailed post <3


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