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GUIDE: will there be a signing ? (aka meet-n-greet)

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No Intermission Tour
* On 8 April 2018, in this Patron-only blog:
Amanda said that this show is so exhausting,
she often doesn't have the energy to do a signing afterwards.
She will be trying a number of other ways for AFPatreons & fans
to be with her post-show.
* Amanda has also been taking a pre-show group photo somewhere
near the venue.  If you're one of her Patrons, check your email, Amanda's
Patreon websight, (& her twitter) for time & place, the hours before each show.

always, Always, ALWAYS assume there will be a signing
a+b both love doing signings
i have seen them both do them for over an hour,
after doing a full set, and both ill with the flu.
seems to energize them

there are very rare occasions,
when travel schedules don't allow a signing
ask around, if in doubt

"formal" signings?
signings are sometimes announced from the stage
and sometimes, the venue's bouncers (aka security) just line up people
and kick everyone else out.
  (bouncers are people, have a hard job,
  and there is usually some employee who is waiting to sweep and mop the floor,
  so give them a little understanding)
sometime, just what is allowed for a signing is part of the contract.

stay near the stage door
(the door between the hall, where you all heard the concert and the stage)
tell the bouncers you have sometime you want a +/or b to sign
(if they don't see any merch,
 just show them your belly)

if it's your first time, and probably your only time,
and no signing, and they kick you out
see the P.S. @ the end
the rest of you can skip the P.S.
(Beth sezs something relevant & compassionate ; - )

if it's a solo show,
and the other comes,
the other often hang out near the merch table,
or @ a corner table
or @ the end of the bar ...
just have a good look around!

come before doors,
and enter @ doors
both a+b occasionally come outside the venue and walk the line
(though i have yet to hear them hum any johnny cash while doing so)
both a+b occasionally come out into the hall and mingle before the opener
and the rest of the fans are beyond cool to hang out with.

--- Quote from: Amanda Palmer on January 07, 2009, 01:06:54 AM ---thanks len

this is basically the total run-down. len is a wise man.

i always try to sign after every show but there are definitely situations where it is impossible.
sometimes the bus has to drive asafp after the show to get to the next one.

sometimes we really have to improvise...for instance, i'll play a club where there's a dance party directly after the show and they will
not only want us the fuck out of the venue but there will be awful lighting and terrible OONCE OONCE OONCE eurotrash music.
but usually i'm like fuck it let's just sign in the corner and deal. so if you're one of those lucky folks on that night, know that i did not choose the music.
in brighton, we signed in the freezing rain because the venue fucking kicked us out. but people brought blankets. and cake. so it was ok.

i will almost always sign something if you're waiting outside the venue when i leave.
if i don't, it's because i'm really tired, or sick, but this has only happened a few times in my life.

--- End quote ---

P.S. if you're not a first timer, and probably only timer,
just go on to the next thread

if you're not a first timer, and probably only timer,
just go home if there is no signing

ok, you're a first timer, and probably an only timer:
i know some of you travel hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles,
and a few of you may only be able to catch a +/or b once,
the rest of us, be considerate of a+b, their team, and the venue

look for the stage door at the back of the venue
(not all venues have back doors ; - },
 in which case wait by the front door)
and/or the tour bus

--- Quote from: beth of all trades on January 07, 2009, 12:09:58 AM ---Please remember that the touring party LIVES on the tour bus.  It is our home.  Please in those circumstances be polite and brief, because everyone is very, very tired at that point.

I understand if you've come a very long way that you REALLY want to meet the band, but please always try to respect the human-ness of Amanda and Brian and the crew.

Getting between a tired merch girl and her tour bus can be a very dangerous choice.

--- End quote ---

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Kenny Wisdom:
Yes, Virginia, there will be singing.

turtle club:
im going to my first concert in feb and this is great information for me. thanks  :)

The Angel Raliel:
*note that Kennys contribution is refering to the typo in the subject title


--- Quote from: The Angel Raliel on January 06, 2009, 06:04:42 AM ---*note that Kennys contribution is refering to the typo in the subject title

--- End quote ---

what typo in the first line?
(ok, i just fixed it
   for those new to our insanity,
   i'm well known to have sloppy typing fingers)

also made a few small changes to the first post


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