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Hayley Fiasco!:
So Amanda has held a few rounds of Q&A on twitter, often she shares some exclusive or intriguing information and it's really interesting to read (especially because it's essentially an interview conducted by fans). I thought instead of letting these awesome bits of info and fan interaction slip into the twitter oblivion to be lost forever, that I thought I'd collect each round and post them here for those who missed it to catch up on and to just archive.

You can follow Amanda on twitter here:

Here's how it'll work :

I'll copy the person's question and bold it. I will then put Amanda's reply below since it is an @reply it is within her answer that you will see the twitter screen name of the person who asked the question (this is sort of a reversal from traditional interviews, but it saves me time). Sometimes Amanda will continue a reply to a question or post a tweet that is relevant - for those I will distinguish with "Amanda says:" - post the tweet - then link the tweet

Since every twitter profile that asks a question is public (@amandapalmer won't see your @ replies if you ask a question and your twitter is locked [if she isn't following you]) I will leave the twitter screen names - plus it's a nice way to credit the 'interviewer' ;)

I will NOT edit the content of ANY of these tweets. I have removed the "@amandapalmer" from the beginning of each question because it is redundant and has no purpose in the transcript. The only edits I will do are for info - ie: when twitter cuts off a link with ellipses, I will type in the full link. Or when Amanda tweets over 140 characters and it ends the tweet with an ellipses, I will enter the full text of that tweet.

Since she does several rounds, I will leave this first post to just contain info.  I will update this thread (if my personal time permits) with each new twitter Q&A as it seems to be a regular thing Amanda is doing, and edit this post below each time this thread is updated with a new transcript.

So far ALL of the twitter Q&As have been transcribed in this thread.

LAST TWITTER Q&A session: Monday, December 6, 2010

Hayley Fiasco!:
FRIDAY APRIL 10, 2009 - Spontaneous @amandapalmer twitter Q&A

Amanda says:
well enough to plug into the world. i have decided twittering is good for sick people. i am going to go on a minor twitter binge. right now.

will you answer questions?
@jinx81558 that IS a question. but sure i'll answer questions. why the fuck not. i'm sick in bed. hit me.

what is your favorite type of tea?
@kristinwrites green tea, preferably with some kind of complication, like weirs aloe or flowers added. i also dig mint

Amanda says:
holy hell. ok. retweet this: @amandapalmer is now doing a classic twitter Q&A until the time she takes her next flu-nap. she's lonely. word.

Amanda says:
also, if you don't want to get 16371263 updates from me in the next hour, turn me off here:

what's your favorite quote of all time? - your twittering fan from boston :o)
@quotablee one of my favorites of all time is "you do not see things as they are, you see them as you are"

what's the background desktop image on your beloved Mac?
@WHRWpenguins right now my desktop background is a self-portrait from the upcoming neil gaiman book. hang on, i'll twitpic it.

Amanda says: - here you go. this might be slightly different from the one that made it into the book...same shoot. self-timer. paris

listening to a podcast this morning i wondered: what are your (afp's) thoughts on the death penalty?
@indecisean ....not for it. have wondered deeply. used to think death was more humane than life in prison, & think it should be an option.

saw a show in SD a few years ago where you had a FANTASTIC cellist. random happening or does she show up more often?
@Jeters that's @zoecello, and she's amazing, her twitter is EPIC. tell her hi. she'll also be playing with me at coachella next week.

Who's your favorite and/or most enjoyable person you follow on Twitter? Currently you are MINE. Thanks for the interaction.
@UninTY recommended people to follow:lately i find myself really enjoying @margaretcho and @trent_reznor

What's your favorite piece of classical music?
@amandawhite big fan of the bach solo cello suites and the sonatas and partitas for solo violin. i'm a single-instrument classical chick.

how much do you weigh? i'm guessing 125 :)
@rainfallrelapse you guessed low, honey. i currently weigh in at about 135. i waver around there give or take 5 pounds. i'm TONED.

What about symphonies and such?
@friedenberg mahler's 5th.

Is there anything we as fans can do in support of your efforts to be released from roadrunner?
@Estrella_Mar yes. if you want to support me in my fight against the label, JOIN THE MALING LIST and stay tuned.

r u coming to NYC anytime soon? when u recover from illin of course. Much love to u. You inspire me to contin breathing.
@hig1278 i'll actually be in NYC on june 5th for the pride festival. come! highline ballroom.

Who is your favourite doctor on Doctor Who? Related: Do you watch Torchwood?
@PixelTreason so far i have a MASSIVE crush on david tennant. would do him in a second.

I'd like to send you a care package. Where should I send it/who should I email for an address to send it to?
@dockhorn my mailing address is at beth goes through stuff & mails things to me at home or on the road.

Can you tell us a little bit about the photographers who's photos made it into the book? <----photographer :)
@Bobbiella the book includes a shitload of photographers but the majority of the pix were taken by kyle cassidy, @bethofalltrades and MOI.

weird question: what is an average day for you in boston like?
@rainfallrelapse that's not weird. wake. yoga. lunch. email. dinner. email. sometimes do press. nowadays, go to high school for rehearsal.

ask him if he's willing. here's his facebook if you don't already have it:
@wordsmith451 hmm. maybe you can simply start a public petition for people who support the idea of AFP banging david tennant.

What -is- the procedure to FREE you from RLabel? Is it monetary? Change of guards? What would get them to do it? TwitterPower?
@guilty_ my contract is up for option in june. they'll either drop me or not. if not, THEN we will use the power of the internet for good.

the book we are getting if we pre-ordered the album is the one with the death photos right? Separate sheet music book?
@AndreaMajeski correct. the sheet music book is totally separate from the Neil Gaiman book.

wow q and a! Do you ever buy your own records in shops?
@PhilipBurley i have been known to do that when desperate. usually when i want to give one as a gift and ain't got anything on me.

check out brahms cello sonatas. e-minor ftw.
@mikacooper listening right now, thanks 4 link. PRETTY, excellent q&a soundtrack. (brahms cello sonatas. e-minor ftw.

any plans for you birthday?
@CourtneyFG my birthday will be spent at rehearsal at LHS for most of the day, then a late dinner with a few of my beloveds.

Amanda says:

Okay, figured out a question. Ever been in a really stressful or tense recording situation? Where no one seems to get along?
@thegreensparrow um....the entire first dresden dolls record was like giving birth with no painkillers. both our faults, we've mellowed.

what kind of drugs did you experiment whth in high school? too personal? :)
@rainfallrelapse too personal? for AFP? i was a massive stoner, and tripped carefully and religiously. then gave up most drugs in college.

thing you miss most about home when you're on tour?
@nobodylkl the thngs i miss most about home when on tour? a room that is mine and a door to close.

who are your favorite authors?
@ejwasson favorite authors? some are listed up on myspace, but...hermann hesse. milan kundera. seung sahn. john irving.

Having nigtmares about not getting WKAP book preorder in time. Help!
@amythecat do not have nightmares. your book will arrive in a magical way. if you haven't read the FAQ, you should....will link in a sec.

Also: Psyched for the NG book, but any word on the ETA for the digital album of alternate tracks?
@krisis you never got the FAQ? you should email:, subject "DOWNLOAD/SEAN HELP"

Amanda says:
so many questions about the album pre-order and the digital demo tracks: all is answered HERE:

have you talked to Brian recently? Any updates/new info on the Dresden Dolls' indefinite hiatus?
@WHRWpenguins brian and i talk every couple weeks. he's happy as a clam in NYC playing in inferno. no solid dates set yet.

Any idea when you'll be in Seattle next? Your last show here was the best show I've seen in a long time.
@supdegrave actually YES, it's not confirmed, but mark july 3rd in your calendar for an AFP seattle appearance at a jason webley show.

What's your favorite Ben Fold's song?
@madman885 favorite ben folds song: song for the dumped. for sure.

Amanda says:
ok, folks. i am releasing my mouth from the Q&A twitter tit of love. nap. you are awesome. sorry i couldn't get to all the questions. xxxAFP

Amanda Palmer:

thank you for doing this, hayley....

Hayley Fiasco!:
This is what Spring Break is for, right? Twitter archiving ;)

I will go as far back as I can to archive the older Q&A's, however the ones that were done in the van w/ the blackberry are sort of... fruitless to trace since twitterberry doesn't show you which specific tweet (or in this case question) you are replying too. Since it was last month, going to someone's page to read it means we may have to go too far back to actually find it (depending how many tweets they've posted in the last month).

Here's another Q&A, this one is from the Tiger Tour

THURSDAY MARCH 26, 2009 - Bored in van @amandapalmer twitter Q&A

Amanda says:
retweet this : @amandapalmer be doing a bored-in-the-fucking-van q&a, start in 30 min, lasts til posse hits st. petersburg. send questions.

Amanda says:
too long? retweet @amandapalmer will be doing a live bored-in-the-van q&a starting in 20 minutes.

I'm twitter retarded... does one send questions right here?
@kelleykakes yes, just send the questions as replies right here. you are not retarded. you are beautiful.

Amanda says:
for those of you not into getting 24,656 twitters from me in the next hour: use

for the q&a: what is the one song you've written that you feel is most misinterpreted (as far as meaning)?
@untgirl77 coin-operated boy. so many people think it's about dildos. it's not about dildos. it's about loneliness. so sadly misinterpreted.

Experience any backlash about "Oasis" from Palmer/Dresden fans who actually LIKED Sarah Palin?
@ptgrw i don't think there was a single word of backlash. the dolls/AFP fans apparently have no crossover whatsover with sarah palin.

What would your ideal fan say/look like/do ?
@Skull_Duggery there is no such thing as an ideal fan. that's like asking someone what their ideal band would be like. can you possibly?

What's the nicest or sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
@Skull_Duggery must say..justin's treatment of the posse last night was pretty above and beyond. HE RENTED A COTTAGE and there were pancakes

Did you ever meet Jeff Mangum?
@shutitoff no, i haven't...but i think he's one of the most inspired songwriters and performers of our generation...quietly.

When will you be in NYC again? Anytime soonish?
@Skull_Duggery yes, i just confirmed a show for NYC in early june right around pride time. will announce details soon.

I would really like to know who made/where you got your corset that you've been wearing on tour.
@vo0do0chile i've been wearing two. the silver one is made by a teeny company, delicious & the gold/black one is made by dark garden in SF.

Are there any instruments you wish you could play that you don't?
@KaraEEvans yes. i'd love to learn how to play the guitar. mostly so i could write on the road and be able to play off-the-cuff unamplified.

hello dear. Is there anyone other than tony hawk that youve been surprised to learn supports your music career?
@againtoday funny you should ask. i recently found out that wil wheaton (@wilw) was a fan. also just got an fanmail from otep. how awesome.

ever been creeped out byt he love, attention, obsession youcan get from fans ? by their need for mutual attention ? even a bit
@Idrils you know? i don't. i think it's something about my personality, but i just never stop loving the love. not even for a second. ever.

also, is 'Coin-operated Boy' basically 'Lover I Don't Have to Love?' I think the message is the same.
@shutitoff yeah. "coin-op" is pretty much the AFP version of "lover i don't have to love". someone should do a mash-up. i <3 bright eyes.

if you were to tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be? xx
@shleebeans i would tell her not to change a thing and that everything will work out fine. if i wasn't who i was, i wouldn't be who i am.

Saw you perform a cover of 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' a while back. If you could be a RHPS character, who would you be?
@visualmadness OMG....brian & i used to talk about doing an off-broadway run of rocky horror. he would be frank (obvi), i would be columbia.

and also, how does your boyfriend feel about that, if it is the same and nobody can get close ever?
@shutitoff not being able to let anybody close comes and goes. we've all felt it, haven't we?, at one time or another. songs=hyperbole.

Nice! I could totally imagine @neilhimself as Riff Raff as well - that'd be hilarious and awesome at the same time :D
@visualmadness word, @neilhimself as riff raff ftw.

which band(s) would you love to hear cover one of your songs?
@_flaw_ i would love to hear radiohead cover have to drive.

Favourite musicals? Phantom of the Opera is awesome to see live. Boy from Oz with Hugh Jackman is surprisingly fantastic.
@mitrepeak i officially like four: west side story, hair, jc superstar, evita. my childhood weakness for cats and phantom notwithstanding.

Amanda says:
....and a chorus line is ok.

(The question/tweet has been removed)
@daisiespushedup um, yeah. @zoevermillion and i traded stories last night about our repsective arrests for shoplifting. i don't recommend it

Amanda says:
but it's also sort of like a suburban rite of passage in america...

favorite paul auster book? i started the brooklyn follies, but it didn't hold my attention. other recommendations?
@deseraestage yes, yes...i started with "oracle night" and then ate up "book of illusions". everything else i picked up didn't get finished.

Tips for people who are planning on being Living Statues?
@Skull_Duggery make sure your getup is practical yet beautiful. & just do it. there's no easy way to start, it's like jumping in cold water.

Would you ever consider making a concept album? And if so, what would it be about?
@albunde actually, yes... i've had thoughts about writing a concept record about my hometown, lexington. birthplace of American liberty.

hellllo, listening to your dresden dolls tunes, they are all pretty amazin BUT what is your favourite one to perform on stage?
@kaylog that answer changes depending on how i'm feeling. i never don't love playing half jack.

I know you've toyed with the idea.. but if you were to write a book, would it be a biography? Essays? A Diary-Likeness?
@againtoday i'm actually breaking ground on a weird semi-auto-bio book about performing: on street, on stage, for world, for love, in life.

what are you reading atm? or what would you recommend
@rouseymousey at the very moment i'm devouring "the omnivore's dilemma", highly recommended. @zoecello & i were comparing notes on tour.

do you think an artist could get TOO close to fans? w/twitter, facebook, etc, it's easier than ever to talk. (which is good!)
@insinglefile i think you can always be in danger of overconnecting to the point of non-life. boundaries are hard to draw. i'm still >>

Amanda says:
<< trying to figure this one out myself. @margaretcho and i were discussing: the connection is joyous yet it can eat your actual life away.

I was born in Lexington, Ky..

Whats your all time favorite movie?
@pinzim have a few, but if you haven't seen "santa sangre" or "king of hearts" cancel your plans tonight rent them & have your life changed.

are there days where u wish u could pack it all in?
@ismiseciara there are days when i wish i could stop touring. i never want to stop performing, but sometimes the travel does my head in.

i was a street team contest winner in albuquerque last year, and you totally ignored me and it hurt my feelings. wahhh.
@GeneralSilke i'm sorry. sometimes on tour people get shuffled. did i literally ignore you, like you were standing right in front of me??

where did the title for Leeds united come from?
@VonClaret i was dating ricky wilson from kaiser chiefs for a heartbeat, and i visited him in leeds. that was what first inspired the song.

is @hairmachine being added to this tour per suggestion of roadrunner records? what's their deal?
@indecisean hair machine didn't come through roadrunner. they emailed me directly. their myspacepage is HILARIOUS:

Do you have any summer tour plans?
@KhoverGirl still putting the summer together but i'm taking it easy. doing select US dates in june, then eastern europe, then fringe in UK.

who is blake?
@ireneharris blake is an ex of mine from the 2001 era. he's beautiful & on the cover of "a is for accident" as his living statue character.

i was trying to give you a gift (a notebook), at soundcheck... dunno if you didn't hear/ see. i gave it to Beth to give to ya
@GeneralSilke if you gave it to beth, it made it to me. i'm sorry you felt ignored, sometimes it's hard to connect w/ everybody in a night. really, whats with all the sex change stuff in your songs?
@JessyLou22 it depends...i was dating a pre-op around the time i wrote sex changes, but the other refs are all symbolic. i'm not a man.

Amanda says:
...and, i feel i should clarify, never was a man. :)

I gave JW a book called Clown Girl to give you at Koko, London. Did you ever get it? Did you ever read it?
@treefulstarling yes, i got it! no, i haven't read it. it's at home... the cover alone sucked me in: i'm a sucker for rubber chickens.

is the reluctance to type in capitals just a preference or stubbornness, or is there a deeper meaning/reason behind it?
@sourlullabies aside from being a pretentious nod to e.e.cummings, it's pure speed. caps take time. i have no time. i am too busy rocking.

When you say 'fringe', tell me you mean the Edinburgh Fringe. *hopeful face*
@vjinks indeedy: i'm planning on doing at least one weekend of shows in edinburgh, still determining venue. i'll def do some twitter events.

I don't have a question, I just want to thank you for the music and the time you spend with us. You make a difference. Thanks
@Nebevay you are fucking welcome. i really love doing this. i really, really do.

Why yoga ? When from and what does it bring you ?
@Idrils yoga keeps me sane & i would recommend it to any&everybody. i do baptiste but the style isn't all that important: it's the practice.

How do you feel about lasagna? I think I'm cooking some for you in Carrboro. Just wanted to make sure you like it (:
@Harpsichordian lasagne is good. light on the cheese, please. can't wait to meet you, that show is going to be epic.

if your touring with Jason, will EvelynEvelyn be tagging along?
@JessyLou22 when jason and i tour this summer, the sisters won't be coming. they're freaked out about flying, they;ve never been in a plane.

which member of your team (past or present, including the Danger Ensemble) would you find most useful on a desert island?
@bethofalltrades i think i'd take lyndon, mostly because we'd leave each other alone and i would want to hear him play violin.

Do you like The Smiths at all?
@Skull_Duggery the smiths were one of my staple/worship band sin high school. morrissey is a huge influence. THE MOZ. oh, the moz.

any advice for a shy, horribly perfectionnist, aspiring song writer with lots of unborn songs ?
@Idrils yes. just keep writing. write bad songs. write a lot of bad songs. but finish them. you don't have to play them for anybody.

who did your drawing in your avatar? And how do you/musicians go about choosing visual artists for album covers, swag, etc?
@katesnowbird the art comes from all over the place and the choices are all super-random. i just use things i like when i see them.

Amanda says:

if you ever have the chance to meet THE MOZ again will you turn it down (COACHELLA!?!?)
@JessyLou22 i think, if given the chance to meet the mozzer again, i might do it. i feel like a bigger girl now. and some girls...

AFP! I want to know: Any plans to start an advice column? I need some guidance & you are the ONLY ONE who can provide.
@JessalynHill if everyone sends emails to, maybe they'll invite me.

What did you see yourself doing "when you grew up" when you were younger? (say, 10-17)
@700stories at 10? i wanted to be a rock star. no shit. i pointed to my prince/madonna/cyndi lauper records and said: "i want to do THAT."

how do you feel about fan tattoos? Are they cheesy?
@madisonlynn not at all...i've seen some really, really beautiful and inspiring fan tattoos.

Hayley Fiasco!:
also dudes - feel free to reply to this thread (help bump it too so it doesn't get lost ;) )


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