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NEW WEBSITE: http://www.sorrybunch.com

Let me introduce you to my band Sorry Bunch, we're two guys, playing the drums and piano + vocals.

I've just recently recorded some of the songs with just one USB microphone (Samson CO1), so the quality isn't great, but good enough to give you an impression of the music.
We've been working our asses off after we quit our band Above the Attic (we were just ready to perform; had recorded a demo, had a photo shoot etcetera. But it wasn't what we wanted, so we quit and started from scratch with just the two of us. What you hear on our myspace is created in the past two months).

I really hope some of you here can give me your opinion about the music, or just enjoy it :) .

I like the low-fi sound. It can possibly be used as a production effect for those songs that need the extra air of enigma :]

Well we (Roemer and I) both agree that we don't like slick sounding bands, so something like that might be used.

New song up 'No Piano'. Currently working on lyrics and melody for Britpop #2, another new song, and Crosses (a song which we recorded, but it didn't went well enough to put it there).

i really like your music! and i also like the sound of the recordings..keep it up dawg. :headbang:

I will :) I think we'll be recording some new songs next week.

I'm currently working on my vocals, I'm not happy with them at all, and I really need to learn so much. But I'm getting better at it. This is the first time I really am writing melodies and making complete songs, normally I'd be the one arranging the piano and cello and that would be it.


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