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the CAPS guy:
So, my friend just gave me an old vinyl player, (i dunno how it's named in english), wow.... it's just amazing.

The frist thing i've played is the "Oh perilous world" by rasputina... track 11.. "infidel".


i love the old style of this "thing",  and i can spend hours seeing the vinyl turing around.

oh.. the small details of life... the more enjoyable things.


I have my Dad's old one from the early 70's... it's brilliant. I just bought Belle and Seb's Tigermilk on vinyl...

Glad you're enjoying your return to quite possible nostalgia and enjoyment of spinning vinyl... It's a wonderful thing.

I love my record player, and refuse to give vinyl up. If I have my way, all of my music will be released on vinyl eventually.

i LOOOOVE vinyl. there's something about listening to a vinyl that you can't get with an mp3 or cd. although i am addicted to my ipod, i'm also obsessed with my turntable. its lovely.

such a classic girl:
i just got a record player as well! i am having a ton of fun digging through all my dad's old records, but also buying some new ones. i have neutral milk hotel's 'in the aeroplane over the sea' on vinyl, and elliott smith's 'new moon', as well as a couple of others. vinyl is great.  :happy11:


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