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Author Topic: Vive Post-War Trade! (artistic encouragement and general nosiness)  (Read 1234 times)

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Hey there you beautiful people. (i say this because i've read through some of the discussions on this board and am now slightly in love with all of you.)
i wondered what everyone else was thinking about this post-war trade thing.
when i got the email about it i thought it was such a wonderful idea that i almost cried out of sheer joy. the dresden dolls will never cease to amaze me. i then quickly got on to a few projects inspired by the dolls and their wonderfulness.
i now have three pretty much finished ideas that i'll probably send in (which in itself is pretty amazing since i generally hate putting my work out there to be judged and possibly rejected.) but i figured, fuck it, i want to join in the magnificence.
who else is joining in?
and what sort of things are people submitting?
i've read that some people wont have the time/resources to mass produce things and therefore can't submit their amazing stuff, (this made me want to cry a little too..why does art have to be so expensive?) but still im staying good and positive that there will be loads of great shit sent in.
but now the curiosity is starting to get to me... i've got some paintings/teeshirt designs, an odd little sculture/ornament thing, and my favourite (though yet to be completed) idea- my dresden dollies. hell yes. basically, im making this shit for myself, but still.
so come on, don't be shy (or paranoid that other bastards may steal your ideas)
tell all.
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