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Let's say you're a rockstar--or not, it doesn't matter.

What songs do you think you could make a killer cover of?  I'll go first, bitches.

-Garbage Man--Hole



More to be added, later.

I've covered a lot of Nick Cave and Tom Waits over the years. A lot. It's all a bit cliché.

I have covered Walking In The Sand, by the Shangi-Las

Maybe I Know, by Lesley Gore

Everytime by Britney Spears

Numerous songs by the Rohan Theatre Band

I've translated and covered a few Kaizers Orchestra songs.

Some Brel, too.

The list goes on.

Not all of these covers were good.

Anything I happen to know the words to.

Probably Special K - Placebo


Rehab - Amy winehouse

Ill think of more

I would cover pretty much every Beatles song. And anything on Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea".

Also, Music Box by Regina Spektor and Thank God I'm Pretty by Emilie Autumn. I'll post more later.


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